Spy cameras 2K 1296p

Spy cameras 2K Super HD to get high quality images. In this category you will find all the cameras spies that record in a resolution 2k in 1296p. Don't hesitate and check all spy cameras Super Full HD that we have. Makes recordings in Super High Definition quality without being discovered thanks to our cameras and designs we unique. From watches to spy on soda bottles that incorporate a camera spy Full HD, amazing.

Spy watch wrist super high definition 2K 1296p h264

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First spy watch that records in Super HD with a resolution of 2K to 1296p. Allows to choose between several different resolutions. It has motion detection. Is configured very easy by software.

Spy Pen 2K Super High Definition 1296p Resolution

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2k spy pen with mini hidden camera that allows captures at 60 frames per second and resolutions up to Super Full HD 1296p (2304 x 1296 px) with motion detection. 16 GB internal memory. Low light sensor. Photo, video, audio and automatic shutdown.