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Mini Spy Voice Recorder 4GB 100 hours Autonomy

Discover the Mini Spy Voice Recorder with 100 hours of autonomy and advanced ALC sound amplification technology. Perfect for recording conversations clearly up to 15 meters away. Includes software for easy access to recordings. Compact and discreet, it is the ideal choice for professional or personal use.

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Mini Spy Voice Recorder 4GB 100 hours Autonomy

Mini Spy Voice Recorder 4GB 100 hours Autonomy


Do you want to buy the mini voice recorder made in Europe?

We present the new mini voice recorder with which you can capture sounds at a distance of up to 15 meters. This device integrates a sound preamplifier that significantly improves audio quality. It has a width of only 1 cm. It can be easily hidden in a car, office or room.

Why choose our Mini Spy Voice Recorder for your security and surveillance needs?

In a world where security and privacy are a priority, our Mini Spy Voice Recorder emerges as the ultimate solution for professionals and home users. Designed to capture high-quality audio in the most demanding situations, this device is not only a surveillance instrument, but an essential tool for evidence collection, investigations and for those who value discretion and efficiency at its finest.

Featured Features

  • Exceptional Autonomy: Enjoy up to 100 hours of continuous recording, ensuring you never miss an important moment.
  • Superior Sound Quality: With ALC technology and a built-in preamplifier, it captures clear and defined sounds even in noisy environments.
  • Compact and Discreet: Its tiny design allows easy concealment in any environment without attracting attention.
  • Intuitive Use: Thanks to its simple interface, starting to record is quick and hassle-free, ideal for all users.

Technical Features in Detail

  • Recording Autonomy: 100 hours in continuous mode.
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB, equivalent to 70 hours of recordings.
  • Recording Format: WAV with 16 kHz sampling rate, ensuring unmatched sound quality.
  • ALC Preamplifier: For superior sound capture.
  • Separate Files by Recording: Organize your files efficiently with date and time stamps.
  • Compact Dimensions: 45 * 23 * 15 mm, perfect for covert operations.
  • European Manufacturing: Quality and reliability assured by its origin in the European Union.

Why do you need a Micro Spy Voice Recorder?

In the information age, protecting your conversations and ensuring data collection has become essential. Whether documenting important meetings, collecting evidence in private investigations or simply keeping a reliable record of events, our Micro Spy Voice Recorder offers an effective and discreet solution. Its ability to record clearly, even in adverse conditions, makes it an indispensable tool for security professionals, journalists, investigators and any individual requiring a reliable and easily accessible record.

Where to buy your Mini Spy Voice Recorder?

By purchasing from us, you are assured not only of a high-quality product, directly from the factory and without intermediaries, but also a 3-year warranty and official technical support. If the device does not meet your expectations, you have 14 days to return it. Visit our physical stores and discover the wide range of surveillance solutions we have for you.

This device is more than just a recorder; is your ally in the search for truth and security. With the Mini Spy Voice Recorder, you are equipped to face any challenge with confidence and discretion.