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Mini spy camera the world's smallest Full HD with night vision

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This mini camera spy of 12 Mega Pixel with ir leds invisible is ideal for covert surveillance due to its small size. Allows you to make videos in Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Record while charging. It has motion detection.

Mini Spy Camera DVR Modular HD 720p 60 minutes

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Mini spy camera High Definition with a flexible lens of 12 cm in length and autonomy of 60 minutes. Module type camera pinhole wide angle and a rechargeable battery Ideal for covert surveillance with a tailor-made configuration.

Mini spy camera rotating Full HD 360-degree 1080p with IR night vision

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This mini spy camera rotating 360º of 12 Mega Pixel with 6 led infrared invisible is ideal for covert surveillance. Allows you to make videos in Full HD at 1080p or 720p HD. Record while charging. Rotates 360º. It has motion detection. Includes several accessories for the fixing.

Mini CAMERA SPY 512Gb Full HD 1080p Wide Angle

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Mini CAMERA SPY with motion detection and wide-angle lens 155 degrees. Has infrared leds for recording in the total absence of light. 60 minutes of autonomy it Very easy to hide!

Mini spy camera type Full HD 1080p

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Mini hidden Camera in spy. Innovative device with a hidden camera, with motion detection and resolution in high-definition. Compatible with all operating systems.

MICRO CAMERA SPY WIFI 1080p 512Gb with Vision Night

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MICRO CAMERA SPY WIFI with night vision. Very easy to install and use. 90 minutes of runtime and up to 512 Gb memory. Images in real-time.

Surveillance camera portable flexible lens SEM-15Z Plus

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Mini spy camera portable with flexible lens of 15 cm and High-Definition (1280 x 720p) recording by motion detection, sound detection, detection of vibration or to a time and date pre-programmed with autonomy unlimited. Ideal for vehicles.  

Z6 WIFI 1080P 512Gb 512Gb WIFI SPY CAMERA with PIR Sensor

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The Z6 IP SPY CAMERA. Detects movement through its PIR sensor. Allows you to view the image in real time from anywhere in the world. Records in HD 720p. Angle of 145º. Memory up to 512Gb.

Mini spy camera from LawMate WIFI IP Full HD 1080p h264 PV-DY20i

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New spy camera laptop 3MP WIFI IP PV-DY10i of LawMate. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone and from any place. Record in different resolutions including Full HD H264 at 30 FPS . Has depending on writing. Ideal for customizations.

Mini spy camera

Among the hundreds of spy gadgets that exist, there is one that has stood out in recent months, the mini spy camera. This small object has been on everyone's lips lately, and even in the press, with different examples of good and bad uses.


A good use of this technology can be seen in the many cases of abuse of the elderly that have come to light thanks to the use of this type of camera. Thus, supposed professionals in the geriatric field, who as it turns out were not so professional, can no longer harm elderly people and will receive the punishment they deserve.


Unfortunately, we have also seen examples of how this technology is being used illegally and improperly. A few months ago the news echoed of a mini camera found in the toilet paper dispenser of a company's women's bathroom, thus generating great social alarm.


There will always be those who decide to misuse these devices, but from Espiamos we always advocate for a legal use and that is not harmful to anyone.


Operation of a mini spy camera

 Before getting into the heart of the matter, it is important to understand what a mini spy camera is. It is a device that captures video, but can also record audio (if it has a built-in microphone) and in some cases even take pictures.


One of its main features is that it has a very small size. So much so that it can be hidden in such everyday objects as a book or a packet of cigarettes. The idea is that it goes completely unnoticed and nobody suspects that a recording is being made.


What this device does is basically capture images of what is happening within its recording angle.  That content can be recorded on a memory card carried by the camera itself, but it is also possible to upload it directly to the cloud or for the camera user to see the images being captured in real time.


Reasons to use a spy camera

 In a business open to the public this type of camera can be used to detect possible robberies. However, in these cases it is essential to warn that a recording is being made so that everyone who enters the establishment knows.


Although they can be useful to prevent robberies in establishments, the truth is that they are not used very often, since in these cases many times business owners prefer to opt for a normal security camera. The reason for this is that the security camera is easily visible, so it has a deterrent effect.


If an establishment reports that it has a video surveillance circuit, but the cameras are not seen, it is likely that all visitors will end up thinking that this is false, which could attract more thieves and put the establishment's security at risk.


In the workplace, cameras can also be used to capture images in work areas (never in bathrooms, changing rooms or other areas that may affect workers' privacy). But as in the previous case, it is essential that employees know that they are being recorded.


Often in workplaces a mini-camera is chosen instead of a normal security camera to make the recording system more unnoticeable. Workers know that they are being recorded, but by not seeing the device they do not feel as watched.


Without a doubt, it is at the domestic level that these devices are used the most. Here the reasons can be very varied, from monitoring that an elderly person is OK to checking that the pet is not doing any damage while the owners are not at home. But there are also those who use it to detect a possible infidelity of their partner or to check that the nanny is treating the children well.


In houses, these mini cameras can serve to improve security, since in case of an intruder entering the device will capture images of him and this will help the police in their identification.


Hiding a mini spy camera

 While a security camera may be mobile, a mini spy camera is not. This means it will only capture one angle of view, so make sure you choose the right one.


The location of the camera depends on what you want to record, also the dimensions of the angle that the lens is capable of capturing.


Ideally, put it in a place or on an object that we know the person we want to record will not repair. It can be hidden in a book, in the curtain rod, etc. In addition, there are some models of spy cameras that come directly integrated into objects to make them even more undetectable, can be hidden in something as common as a teddy bear or a pendant.


Another aspect to consider is to put the camera at a certain height, so that it can capture the face of the people recorded. If you set it too low, the only thing you'll capture will be their legs or body, which doesn't help much if you want to use those images as a test.


Once the location is chosen and the camera is placed there, it is convenient to make several tests. This serves to ensure both that the device works well and that it has been placed correctly and will capture the images.


Wireless Mini Spy Camera

 This model is one of the most popular, it runs on its own internal battery and has no wires, making installation much easier. In addition, the fact that it has no cables of any kind makes it even easier to hide.


However, when using a device of this type, special attention must be paid to the battery life, in order to make sure that when the time comes to make the recording we are looking for, the device will be operational.


There are mini wireless spy cameras that work with a motion detector. They only start recording once they detect movement within their range. This is a very useful feature, since it significantly extends the performance of the battery.


WiFi Mini Spy Camera

 It is a very similar model to the previous one, but here the peculiarity is that the device is capable of connecting to a WiFi network. This makes it easy to upload the captured content directly to the Cloud.


Why upload the images to a Cloud storage system? Simply to protect them. If the video is only recorded on a memory card and the card is damaged, the recording will be lost.


Uploading files to the Cloud is like having a backup. Plus, in the event that the camera is discovered by the person being recorded, or even destroyed, we'll know for sure that the images are safe.


On the other hand, if the files are uploaded to a Cloud, we will be able to access them from anywhere, without having to go near the spy camera.


Another reason why spy cameras with WiFi are so practical is because they allow us to see live what we are recording. Through our mobile phone we can see what is happening in our home at the same time it is happening.


This can be very useful if we are using the camera for security reasons. If while we are at work the spy camera in our house captures the entrance of a stranger, we can call the police directly to catch him red-handed. It can also be interesting if we use the camera to take care of our elders while we are not with them, if we see that something has happened we can immediately notify the emergency services.


Mini spy cameras for surveillance and security

We mentioned earlier that full-size surveillance cameras are not only practical for capturing images in case a crime is committed, but also have a deterrent effect.


Mini spy cameras seek to go much more unnoticed and therefore do not have that deterrent function, but they are also very useful for improving security.


As mentioned above, they can be used in workplaces and thus prevent workers from feeling watched while performing their duties. Although the law requires them to be informed that they are being recorded.


But it is in the domestic environment that these devices are most often used for safety purposes. In fact, there are already many alarm and security companies that offer their customers the installation of micro cameras at home in order to check that everything is in order.


Mini spy cameras are a good alternative for those who want to improve security at home but do not want third parties to have access to those images, as is the case with security companies. In this case it would be a matter of approaching home security from a more particular point of view.


The installation of cameras in a private home, to record the interior of the home, should not meet the same requirements as if this camera were installed in a public place. It is not necessary to inform the rest of the members of the house that a mini-camera has been installed (although if this is done to improve security and surveillance it is better for everyone to know), but the freedom is not absolute. You cannot install mini spy cameras in bathrooms, as this would infringe on the privacy of both the inhabitants of the house and anyone else who comes to visit and needs to use the bathroom.


If the installation of micro spy cameras in the house to improve security is done well, it can respect the privacy of all the inhabitants of the house and at the same time capture important evidence in case strangers enter.


Mini spy camera for the interior of the car

 Car cameras have become very popular. They record the outside of the vehicle and can be used as evidence in the event of an accident.


But in this case it is a mini spy camera that is used to record what happens inside the vehicle.


The cabin of a vehicle is a private space, so there is no problem in using a device of this type, but the installation must be done properly to prevent it from capturing images from the outside that could violate the privacy of others.


The most common is to install these cameras either in the interior mirror or on top of the rear window.


The images captured by this type of camera can be useful in clarifying what has happened in an accident, but can also be used as evidence in case someone enters the vehicle without permission.


Mini spy camera with HD recording

This is a device that is small in size but big in technological advances. That is why it is possible to find small spy cameras that incorporate a lens capable of capturing images in HD.


This is especially useful when you want to capture the face of a person with total clarity to identify it and therefore seek the quality of the image first and foremost.


This technology is becoming increasingly widespread, so it is not surprising that many mini spy cameras already offer the possibility of recording in HD.


Mini spy cameras for bathrooms

 In recent months, several cases of spy cameras detected in bathrooms have been made public.


In some of these cases, surveillance was sought, such as the case of the school that installed cameras in the bathrooms to avoid bullying situations and prevent the traffic and consumption of tobacco and illegal substances.


In others, the aim was to obtain images of women using the bathroom, in some cases even with the intention of sharing these videos through websites specializing in pornographic content.


Regardless of whether the purpose pursued is more or less legitimate, our legislation does not under any circumstances allow the use of security cameras, let alone spy cameras, in bathrooms or other sensitive areas such as changing rooms, on the understanding that the right to privacy must take precedence in a situation of this kind over everything else.


For this reason, both the school principal and the person who had installed the spy camera in the bathrooms of his company were arrested and charged with a crime against privacy.


Mini spy cameras with night vision

 Their special feature is that they can capture quality video even in low light, even at night.


They are very useful for surveillance and security work, but are also frequently used by hunters and even biologists who need to capture images of the animals they are interested in.


This technology guarantees that the desired image will be achieved even if the scene to be recorded occurs in the middle of the night.


Mini spy camera with long battery life

 One of the keys to choosing the right device is to be very clear about what you want to record. If it's a scene that we don't know for sure when it's going to happen, it's better to choose a camera that has a long battery life.


The power can come from a battery or a rechargeable battery, but the important thing is to know that it will last several hours or even days. This is especially interesting if the person who has installed the camera does not have easy access to the place where he has hidden it.



Choosing a mini spy camera

Although all devices of this type are of high quality, it is important to be very clear about the use of the camera to determine which features will be essential and which will not.


This will help us know if we need a camera with night vision, if it is worth investing in a device with a long battery life, if it is necessary to have a WiFi connection, etc.


Of course, we must also assess other issues such as price and even the opinions of other users who have already tried the product.


A mini spy camera can be very practical. If we make a good choice we will have in our hands a device that can help us to improve security at home and even to obtain evidence about some illicit act. That is why it is essential to be clear about the features we need. And, of course, we must never forget to always use it legally and respecting the rights of others.



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