Micro and Mini Spy Cameras

Do you need to buy a micro or mini spy camera? We have the latest technology on the market: micro spy cameras WIFI, mini spy cameras with live image, micro spy cameras encrypted, etc exclusive Products that you won't find in any shop of espionage. Useful for offices, cars or any place in which it is difficult to hide a spy camera. Permanent Stock.

Mini spy camera rotating Full HD 360-degree 1080p with IR night vision

€99.99 -€20.00
Tax included
This mini spy camera rotating 360º of 12 Mega Pixel with 6 led infrared invisible is ideal for covert surveillance. Allows you to make videos in Full HD at 1080p or 720p HD. Record while charging. Rotates 360º. It has motion detection. Includes several accessories for the fixing.

Mini spy Camera is the smallest in the world HD 720p

€149.95 -€69.96
Tax included
This mini spy camera is the smallest in the world with built-in infrared leds invisible , which are activated automatically. Recorded by sound detection. Measures just 2.5 cm and weighs 16 grams. Ideal for covert surveillance

Mini spy camera X2 wide angle Full HD 1080p 180 degrees

€149.95 -€49.96
Tax included
This micro spy camera X2 of 12 Mega Pixel with 180 ° angle of view , allows you to make videos in Full HD at 1080p. Rotates 360º. Has 60 minutes of autonomy. Includes several accessories for the fixing.

Mini spy camera HD 720p with microphone LawMate RC 300Mini

Tax included
The PV-RC 300 mini LawMate is the new mini spy camera HD with built-in microphone and 4 Gb of memory. Measuring only 4 cm, Includes multiple accessories, so that you can easily hide in any place. Videos and photos

Mini spy camera for car WIFI GPS-SEM-80

Tax included
Mini spy camera for car the world's smallest car WIFI and GPS. Engrave with a resolution of 1296p everything that happens in front of your car. Measures less than 6mm. Ideal to hide in any place.

Surveillance camera portable flexible lens SEM-15Z Plus

Tax included
Mini spy camera portable with flexible lens of 15 cm and High-Definition (1280 x 720p) recording by motion detection, sound detection, detection of vibration or to a time and date pre-programmed with autonomy unlimited. Ideal for vehicles.  

Mini spy camera with PIR vision night and lens tilt

Tax included
Mini spy camera with PIR and lens tilt. It has infrared leds invisible , which are activated automatically with the absence of light. Up to 1 year autonomy. Ideal for to easily hide in any place

Mini spy camera professional 5MP LawMatePV RC300FHD

€235.95 -€35.96
Tax included
PV RC300FHD of LawMate. This spy camera type "Stick" incorporates a lens of 5 megapixel that records images in Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Ideal for covert surveillance.

Recording module WIFI Full HD RIP h264 for IOS and Android

Tax included
WIFI module Spy camera low light and recording system miniaturized ideal for hidden surveillance of vehicles, offices and homes. Record in HD at 30 FPS. Autonomy unlimited connected to the power supply.  

Mini hidden camera with WIFI PIR and vision night

Tax included
Mini spy camera with PIR and lens tilt. It has infrared leds invisible , which are activated automatically with the absence of light. Up to 1 year autonomy. Ideal for to easily hide in any place

Module of recording Full HD RIP h264 60 FPS 128Gb

Tax included
Module with recording system miniaturized ideal to perform customizations of your own spy cameras. Record in Full HD or HD at 30 or 60 FPS. More than 12 hours of autonomy  

Mini spy camera from LawMate WIFI IP Full HD 1080p h264 PV-DY10i

€299.95 -€50.00
Tax included
New spy camera laptop 3MP WIFI IP PV-DY10i of LawMate. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone and from any place. Record in different resolutions including Full HD H264 at 30 FPS . Has depending on writing. Ideal for customizations.

Mini spy camera GSM 3G with video call

Tax included
Camera spy button 3G. Allows you to view images in real time from your phone with just a video call. Excellent resolution. Without the limit of distance.

Do you need to buy a mini spy camera?

Whether for personal or professional reasons, when a person is interested in buying a mini spy camera it is because there is something that does not leave him alone. In ESPIAMOS we have a great variety of spy products for all kinds of characteristics and needs. Our equipment is exclusive, manufactured with the best materials and the best technology. You won't find anything like it in any spy store.

The best 2019 micro and mini spy cameras

Thanks to the great technological advance that we are living, it is more and more frequent to find you with minute articles , without losing performance or image quality. Proof of this is our mini spy camera , the smallest in the world, with built-in FULL HD and night vision.

The best spy microcameras of 2019 are the following:

  • 12 mp image quality, perfect for surveillance without anyone noticing it's there, thanks to its small size.
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080p FULL HD, for the best image quality.
  • Possesses motion detection, so you don't miss anything that happens.

Mini spy camera with Wifi and PIR

For those who want to go further, ESPIAMOS also has a mini hidden camera with Wifi PIR and night vision. Its tilting lens allows you to record everything that happens. When it detects that the light has been turned off, its invisible infrared leds are automatically activated.

The advantage of being able to record by PIR, has Wifi and built-in microphone , is that anywhere in the world you will be seeing what happens in real time. It's as small as a coin. Its dimensions are 2x2 centimeters.

mini spy camera with wifi and pir

Micro spy camera 720p

This model is considered to be one of the smallest in the world capable of recording at 360 º. You can make HD videos as long as you detect a sound that is higher than 60 dB.

Its invisible infrared leds allow automatic recording with maximum quality at a distance of 3 meters, even if there is no source. It weighs 16 grams. It is one of the most valued options that can be found in SPIAMOS if you need to perform a covert surveillance.

microcamara espia 720p

Mini Wifi spy camera

If your objective is to perform a surveillance and see what is happening in real time, the PV-DY10i spy camera from LawMate is the most recommended for you. In addition, you can access all recorded files or make different types of settings from anywhere in the world. All you need is a Smartphone.

detects motion. It has an over-write function and a compression that further increases the image quality.

mini spy camera wifi

Why buy your micro spy camera here?

In ESPIAMOS we like all our users to feel at ease watching what they have fought for, be it the stay of the youngest member of the family or your business premises. Your safety is our happiness.

We are a Spanish company that has been ensuring the trust of all our customers for years. Our solutions are the most effective that can be found on the market in the sector of surveillance with cameras and spy tape recorders . We have exclusive products that you will not find in the spy shop . Visit us, you will be surprised at what we can offer!