Mini Spy Recorder with GSM and GPS Listening 【2024】
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ini Spy Recorder with GSM and GPS Listening

Discover the latest innovation in covert surveillance: the Mini Spy Recorder with GSM Listening and GPS Location . Compact, discreet and powerful, it offers voice recording, ambient listening, and precise location all in one.

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ini Spy Recorder with GSM and GPS Listening

ini Spy Recorder with GSM and GPS Listening


Why Choose Our Mini Spy Recorder with GPS?

In a world where security and discretion are paramount, our Mini Spy Recorder is presented as the ideal solution for professionals and individuals. If you are looking for an effective way to monitor conversations or the location of valuables without raising suspicion, this device is your best ally. Compact, but powerful, it allows you to record and listen covertly, as well as offering the possibility of GPS tracking.

Featured Features Mini Audio Recorder with GPS

Our device is not just a recorder; It is a multifunctional surveillance tool. Its notable features include:

  • Voice recording and GSM ambient listening: Acts as both a recorder and a GSM microphone, allowing you to hear what is happening in your absence.
  • Precise geolocation: Thanks to its integrated GPS system, you can track the exact location of the device.
  • Ultra-compact design: Its small size ensures total discretion in any environment.
  • Long battery life: Up to 12 months in sleep mode, ideal for long-term surveillance.

Technical Specifications Mini Audio Recorder with GPS Location

  • Internal Memory: 16Gb for ample storage.
  • Encrypted USB Cable: Protect your recordings from unauthorized access.
  • Vibration Alert and Sound Detection: Activated by nearby sounds or movements.
  • High Sensitivity Microphone: Captures clear sounds even in low intensity conditions.
  • NanoSIM Card Compatibility: Facilitates global GSM connectivity.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 34 x 19 mm, perfect to place anywhere without being detected.

How does it work?

Its operation is simple: insert a SIM card and call the associated number to listen in real time or activate the sound detection function so that the device notifies you when it detects noise. Thanks to its GSM compatibility, you can use it anywhere in the world without worrying about the distance.

Unique Advantages

Unlike other devices on the market, our Mini Spy Recorder combines voice recording, GSM ambient listening, and GPS tracking in an exceptionally compact design. Manufactured in the EU, it ensures superior quality and durability, distinguishing itself from less reliable alternatives.

Where to Buy the Mini Spy Recorder with GPS Location?

Only on SPYING. We offer a 3-year warranty and official technical support, with the possibility of returns within 14 days if it does not meet your expectations. Visit us in our physical stores and discover the wide range of surveillance solutions we have for you.

Invest in security and discretion with our Mini Spy Recorder. The perfect tool for your surveillance needs, designed to offer peace of mind and protection in any situation.

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