What is a Recorder and Microphone Disabler and what are they for? 【2024】

If you're worried about espionage, with a microphone and recorder disabler you won't be. We are going to prepare a small guide with everything you need to know about these devices and thus be able to get the most out of them, let's start.

Record conversations without authorization It is legal as long as you participate in it, but it will be up to us to make that recording understandable or not.

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What is a microphone and voice recorder disabler?

A voice recorder and microphone disabler is a counter-espionage tool. Thanks to a nullifier, we will discreetly avoid information leaks, protecting all our conversations.

In this way, if someone has come with some voice recorder or spy microphone to treacherously record us, putting one of these nullers into operation, we will prevent any conversation from being recorded, since when the person goes to review the recording, they will realize that this is unintelligible.

There are very few devices on the market that are capable of overriding spy recorders. One of them is the Druid D-06 model, made in Ukraine.

For what is the use of a frequency nuller?

As its name indicates, a nuller is used to cancel the frequency that is trying to be captured at a given moment. In this sense, we have to differentiate nullifiers by types, depending on what they are capable of nullifying. We can find nullers for GPS, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc. signals.

These nullifiers are especially interesting for creating situations where we don't want anything outside to intervene. Depending on the nullifier in question, as we will see below, its usefulness may be different compared to another type. However, regardless of the type of canceller in question, the main characteristic that it will share with the rest of these is its ability to cancel a frequency.


Audio recorder override

Although the words audio recorder nullifier or audiojammer are commonly used to refer to devices that manage to prevent a recorded conversation from being understandable, they really are devices that do not block signals.

The audio recorder defeater also works imperceptibly , so the person recording it won't know they've been countered until they get home and check that it's on. the device that recorded it is all distorted.

The Infratornado model camouflages this audio recorder and microphone nuller in a design briefcase, making it an ideal complement with whom to go to meetings, without raising any suspicion.

If you are going to a meeting and you do not want to be recorded in any way or you directly think that you are being spied on and that your conversations are being recorded, these audio recorder overrides< /strong> are the perfect solution to put an end to the best spy audio recorders on the market.

GPS Signal Killer

With a GPS signal nuller, we will be preventing the GPS signal from reaching an area within the radius where we have placed the nuller.

This is perfect for example ifWe believe we have installed a GPS tracker in the car and we want to lock it.


Mobile phone disabler

Lastly, as we have seen, there is the mobile phone ringer. Within this mobile phone canceller, we could be a little more specific when it comes to canceling frequencies.

In this way, we can cancel from the GSM network so that a phone cannot properly receive calls or cancel the Wi-Fi network, which in together with a GPS nuller would make the phone have no way to connect with the outside effectively.

In short, for any area where we want to ensure that mobile phones cannot be used, there is no better solution than placing one of these nullers. Thus there will be no type of call that interferes or any other situation that may occur through the use of the mobile phone.

How do nullifiers work?

The overrides are responsible for overriding the signals for which they have been designed. In this regard, it is important to highlight that a nuller tends to go unnoticed more easily, since it is more difficult to know that the signal is cancelled.

To understand it better, in the case of a sound recorder, it will be able to work, it will be able to be turned on and it will be able to record normally, however , you will not be able to faithfully reproduce what you have recorded because you have actually recorded sounds that are not audible to humans.

The Infratornado model keeps inside a total of 60 ultrasonic microphones that are imperceptible to the human ear, but are responsible for distorting the audio captured by the tape recorder or microphone.

Through this frequency, you end up contaminating the audio signal, making it completely useless since it cannot be deciphered in any way. Here you can see a video about the operation of the Infratornado recorder nullifier

Differences between recorder nullifier and inhibitor

A frequency jammer will never disable an audio or voice recorder because they don't emit any frequencies. A nullifier allows the signal to occur, but nevertheless pollutes it in such a way that it can never be useful.

Let's give an example. Let's imagine that we are going to a meeting and someone tries to record with a mobile phone using some APP from Google Play. If we use a frequency inhibitor, we will prevent the mobile phone from receiving or making calls, but we will not prevent the operation of the application.

If we use the Infratornado recorder nullifier, the mobile phone would work perfectly, except that everything that has been recorded will be unintelligible. It should be noted that the sale of frequency inhibitors is prohibited throughout the EU and their use is restricted.

What is the best way to know if you are being recorded in a meeting?and how to protect yourself?

In a meeting with 5 or 10 people it is very difficult to know who is recording. Only using the best systems of counterespionage we will be able to identify it or, at least, prevent what it records from being unintelligible.

anulador micrófono espía

  • Frequency detector digital: You will be able to know if a signal is being transmitted or received. The situation may arise where the person who attends the meeting wants to transmit the conversation in real time to her buddy . The easiest way to do this would be with the mobile phone turned on and in call mode.
  • Frequency jammer. With the frequency jammer you won't know if someone is using the phone in call mode but you will make sure that no one is using it. Remember that its use is prohibited throughout the European Union.
  • Audio recorder disabler - Audio Jammer. It is the only device that manages to make unintelligible the conversations recorded by a voice recorder, either from a mobile phone or from a spy recorder. You will not know if you are being recorded but you will ensure that if it were, the conversation is unintelligible.


Where to buy a nuller of recorders

When it comes to buying a recorder override, it's important that it's a quality item as there are no second chances when it comes to overriding a recording.

You must use a trusted and quality store. At Espiamos.com we are experts in all kinds of counterintelligence articles. We have exclusive products that you will not find in any other spy shop.

What is the best recorder override on the market?

In this sense, from here we recommend the model of Druid D06. Without a doubt, it is the best recorder override on the market. In addition to having quality features, as we will see below, it is a model that is camouflaged in a quality briefcase, so we can make it go unnoticed in any type of situation.

Virtues of the Druid noise generator D06

Advanced and Professional Protection:

The Druid D-06 represents the pinnacle of protection against audio eavesdropping. Meticulously designed to protect against hidden microphones, voice recorders and spy phones, this device is a comprehensive security system. What really sets the Druid D-06 apart is its ability to generate audio interference that exceeds the human voice, making it impossible for any listening device to capture a clear conversation.


Superior Interference Technology:
While some might think that these interferences can be cleared or eliminated, the interferences created by the Druid D-06 are completely irreversible . No denoising method can recover the original conversation. Although it produces powerful interference, the conversation participants are not affected. Thanks to special high-quality headphones, they can communicate with each other clearly, while any listening device only picks up noise.


Flexibility and Portability:
The Druid D-06's ability to adapt to different scenarios is impressive. You can connect multiple devices to increase the number of channels, making it ideal for both one-on-one conversations and larger meetings. Plus, with its portable design and an internal battery that lasts up to 6 hours, you can take this protection with you anywhere. And for those on the go, the system comes with a protective carrying case, ensuring it's ready and safe to travel.


Total Security and Usability:
Beyond its ability to protect against recording, the Druid D-06 has been designed with user safety in mind. It does not emit microwaves or ultrasonic noise, which makes it completely harmless to health. And compared to standard white noise generators, it provides a much higher level of protection, ensuring that conversations, whether critical negotiations or private conversations, remain confidential.


Finally, if you're concerned about the legality of a voice recorder blocker or disabler, rest assured, it's completely legal.