How to detect a pinganillo in a review?

Are there devices to detect a pinganillo in a review? Is it possible to detect all the electronic devices out there to copy? These and other questions arise for both students and teachers, and examiners. That is why we want to dedicate this post to explain how to detect a pinganillo nano on a test and how easy it is to locate the student to cheat.

Many young people and college students know the best methods to copy in an exam. Some are more traditional and others prefer to use the most advanced electronic devices of the market.

como detectar un pinganillo en un examen

To detect with traditional methods is entirely dependent on the skill and attention of the teachers, but in the case of use of the technology can be to use a detector of frequency pinganillo or other deterrents.

In our shop we stock various models of detectors of radio frequency that can be used for this purpose. The review and analysis before putting them on sale to ensure that they are the best on the market. In fact, we're so convinced of our devices which pass them on for free to any University that requests it, for detect use in the tests.

The copy method with an pinganillo

The use for the examination are the devices more employees when you want to copy in the University, the PAU, or in opposition to them. There is use in a very economical and are readily purchased on the Internet, but how do they work?

The way to copy in an exam with pinganillo would be the following: the person who is doing the review has a mobile phone turned on, connected via bluetooth to an inductor that in turn transmits the information to a pinganillo. The person who is in the outer flame the person who is doing the exam for him to tell you the questions and you can respond.

pinganillos para examen mas usados para copiar

In this system, the student cheat you can add IP cameras or WiFi to transmit a live image of the whole exam. To avoid having to talk, just focus on receiving the information. But this will be the subject of another post.

In this method, the wireless communication is indispensable to carry out the trap of copying. We are talking of signals GSM, 3G, WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth, all of which are easily detectable with the detectors of the correct frequency, but impossible to detect with the naked eye.

All the tests we have done have been performed with the detector frequency iProtect 1216 and the detector frequencies digital. Are the most accurate and cover all the required frequencies for this purpose. There are other detectors which are more expensive, but these fit perfectly for detect use in a test.

More information Detector Frequency Digital

More information Detector Frequencies 1216

Pinganillo to test how does it work?

There are several types of use. Here we will talk about those that are used for copying in exams is not of use in leading television presenters.

Some call it epinganillo, pinganillo nano , or pinganillo pro, but those who are used to copy in exams all work the same way. Serve to receive the information not to transmit, so that the pinganillo, in itself, is not detected.

As explained before, the pinganillo requires a mobile phone and a collar inductor. The mobile phone transmits the information to the pinganillo wirelessly using devices inducers Bluetooth (see below) or directly with a cable, as if it were a hands-free. Here you can see an example of the connection:

pinganillo para copiar en un examen

The tie of cream color or black is put around the neck, camouflaged among the clothing, and by induction and transmits the information to the pinganillo vip. A few centimeters is the microphone and push button that serves to end the call quickly.

How to detect a pinganillo on an examination or opposition?

Detect a pinganillo is very easy if you have the right tools. The way to copy in an opposition is similar using the different media. There are different types of tests in opposition: type test, development, and practical exercises. In any case, you can detect the opponent that uses it, once started the exam, because that is when it is assumed that it is the system turned on and functioning.

In the exams all phones must be turned off (not in airplane mode because the Bluetooth would work). If the “student” is copying with a pinganillo will be using the GSM network, 3G or 4G. Just bring the detector use will begin to beep.

Pinganillo nano, or epinganillo, how does it work?

The pinganillo nano, pinganillo vip or pinganillo invisible is much smaller than the pinganillo bluetooth traditional. Really, it is not a pinganillo, but a magnet of rare earths with a cylindrical shape that is inserted into the inside of the ear. For that to work properly you must be in direct contact with the eardrum.

nano pinganillo

The nano, pinganillo receives vibrations through the ring inductor which, in turn, is connected with the phone.

The pull of the magnet is done with a sort of swab are also magnetic. It is very quick and painless. It is not recommended to remove it with your fingers or other items, as they may damage the eardrum.

Demonstration of a pinganillo nano really is a magnet

It differs with respect to the collar-inducing traditional in that this collar needs to generate a lot more power of induction, and that is why you add the 2 9V batteries model LR6

How to detect a pinganillo nano in a review?

The only difference between a pinganillo normal and pinganillo nano lies in the size. The nano, pinganillo is much smaller and almost imperceptible to the human eye.

Although the websites selling the pinganillo nano, or epinganillo as undetectable, it is not so. It really is very easy to detect. To detect it is uses the same system as with the pinganillo. The nano, pinganillo is located with a detector frequencies that work on the GSM network / 3G / 4G.

How to detect a pinganillo bluetooth with an inducer spy on an exam?

The pinganillo bluetooth is an improved version of the pinganillo normal. The difference is that the inductor is not necessary to directly connect to the phone. So that you can carry in a pocket, purse or a few metres of the person who copy.

Pinganillo Bluetooth with an inductor, how does it work?

With this system it replaces is the collar on the other inducer hidden in an everyday object as it may be glasses, a pen, a watch or a credit card.

The microphone and the button to hang up or answer the call is found in the inductor, which is a great advantage since it can be operated easily and without attracting attention.

Here you can see some examples

It works in the following way: the mobile phone is connected via bluetooth to the inductor. When the person that is in front of the exam you receive a call, go off-hook by pressing on the inductor which, in turn, sends the information to pinganillo.

Pinganillo monorean

How to detect a pinganillo bluetooth in a review?

This system is much more discreet pinganillo normal, but it is also much more easy to detect because it uses a signal (bluetooth). This kit works with the signals of GSM / 3G / 4G and in addition the bluetooth (2.4 GHz). The detector iprotect 1216 is activated immediately, as soon as you approach the student cheat So easily!

In this video you will see as you detect only the bluetooth of the pen-elicitor with the iProtect 1216.

And here as you would a pen inductor using the digital detector with maximum sensitivity

This detection is extensible to all kinds of bluetooth devices, whether they be inducers or use.

If this signal, we add signals-GSM, 3G or 4G required for the correct functioning of a nano, pinganillo, the detection would be much easier.

How to detect a mobile or cellular phone on in an exam?

As we have seen until now, with a detector of frequency is very easy to tell if who has a phone or cell phone on during an exam. But there are also other devices that are used for the “student” to be nervous, as it can be, this detector frequencies.

The operation is very simple. When it detects a phone on the device will begin to flash repeatedly.

You can also configure it to start beeping, alerting everyone that someone is copying! Although only warns of mobile phones turned on, can be a deterrent to other students or opponents who intend to copy.

The detectors of the radio frequencies serve as detectors of systems copied and also devices as a deterrent. While someone uses it among the examined other teacher can look at the rest of the students to try to detect signs of nervousness. On many occasions, the nerves betray a cheater faster than a detector use.

Here you can see a video of how it lights up the sign when it detects a mobile phone switched on.

Do you still think to detect a pinganillo on a test is hard?

All student who need chiven from the outside you need yes or yes to perform a wireless communication, whether by WIFI, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, or radio frequency, encrypted and frequency detectors work specifically for that “detect all kinds of frequencies”. So, a student, a word of advice, don't spend money needlessly use to copy in exams. If the University, College or Management has done its job you will get caught!