Voice recorder hidden in a credit card
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Voice recorder hidden in a credit card

Audio recorder spy ultra flat hidden in a credit card . Weighing just 4 grams. Has sound detection, autonomy of 35 hours of recording on continuous mode and 116 hours in mode detecion of sound. Design customizable.


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Voice recorder hidden in a credit card
Voice recorder hidden in a credit card

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New voice recorder hidden in a credit card of normal appearance with a design fully customizable. Ideal for making recordings in a totally covert.


The voice recorder SEM-CARD PLUS is characterized by its microphone of high sensitivity which allows you to record even in conditions of acoustic dificles getting a excellent quality. Its operation is very simple (touch), in fact, does not have any buttons on or off. All configuration is performed through software control. Simply connect the voice recorder to the PC using the USB cradle that is attached


It has a thickness of only 1.7 mm.


Allows you to record continuously for more than 35 hours with the highest quality audio from 16 kHz to 24-bit. Mode detection of sound you can get up to 2 months of autonomy.



  • Design custom. Camouflage completely customizable
  • Eesolución 24-bit
  • No buttons, touch control for blow
  • High quality recording in noisy environments
  • Autonomy of up to 35 hours with the best quality. Up to 2 months in standby mode
  • Password-protected access to the data stored
  • The detection of sound (VAS)




How do I set up?

 With the help of the software that you attached, you can easily adjust the quality and recording time as well as activate and configure the variables professional in function of the conditions of the environment and in accordance with the requirements that you need.




Voice activation

This voice recorder is features voice activation (VAS), which allows to reduce the amount of memory (thus increasing, real time recording) and the power consumption of the battery. By using this system saves memory during pauses. The recorded audio files are transferred as a USB memory normal.



Recording modes

The recorder spy professional allows you the possibility of making the recordings of linear or cyclic (function writing). With the linear recording the number and duration of the audio files are limited only by the available memory. With the cyclic mode allows you to not stop recording when the recorder runs out of memory. The recorder will begin to replace the old data with the new. So, the memory will always contain the most recent information at the time of the recording.



Privacy policy

To protect the recorder's information professional spy it is possible to set a password to prevent others to access your content and the settings of the recorder.



Recording by timer

The recording can be done automatically, without user intervention. To this end, the recorder has two timers: daily (departure time and the recording end), and a single (estimated date, start time, and record the date of completion to time).


Data sheet
TS Market
Voice activation
4 gr
85 x 54 x 1.7 mm
0.1 mA in sleep mode
8kHz / 16 kHz
Duration of the battery mode detection sound
116 hours
Battery life in record mode continuous
35 hours
Encoding audio
24 bit
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