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If you're looking for quality products for security, surveillance, and counter-espionage, at ESPIAMOS we are official distributors of TS Market. This brand is renowned for its excellence and reliability in the market.

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If you are seeking products that offer security and peace of mind, TS Market is the perfect choice. Not only are you investing in the protection of what matters most to you, but you are also buying products from a recognised and respected brand. At ESPIAMOS, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours, the best price guaranteed and a 3-year warranty on all TS Market products. Don't hesitate, purchase your TS Market product today and discover true peace of mind.


Voice Recorder Edic mini Tiny B47

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New Russian technology recorder Edic Mini Tiny B47 with sound detection, autonomy of up to 4.5 months and recording capacity ofup to 1200 hours. The best quality at the best price

Edic-mini Dime A124 Compact Recorder with Larger Memory

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Introducing the Edic-mini Dime A124a compact recorder with four times the memory of the Weeny series. With intuitive one-button operation and an extremely light weight of only 3.5 g, the Dime A124 provides exceptional recording quality and acoustic sensitivity up to 15 meters. up to 15 meters. Regardless of the operating system you use, you can connect it to a computer, tablet, smartphone and more, allowing you to playback, delete recordings and configure settings on your phone quickly and easily.

SOROKA S18 Mini SOROKA S18 Spy Voice Recorder

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Voice recorder SOROKA-S18. Autonomy over 65 hours. Stores more than 160 hours of conversations. Measures only 24x14x9 mm. Russian technology at the best price

KIT SOROKA Recorder 06E 670 hours autonomy

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New SOROKA-06E voice recorder. Unique recorder that allows you to record for 670 hours continuously. The KIT includes several microphones and adapters so you can place the recorder anywhere. Russian technology at the best price.

SOROKA 10E Recorder autonomy 2 years

In stock
SOROKA-10E voice recorder with internal and external MEMS microphone. It has up to 2 years of autonomy. Discreetly records everything you need. Russian technology at the best price.

Russian SPY Recorder Soroka 11E

In stock
SOROKA-11E voice recorder. Unique recorder that works with a 1.5V battery. Russian technology at the best price.

When it comes to acquiring spy products it is essential to choose quality devices such as those offered by TS Market. We cannot risk believing that we are recording a video or a conversation and that in the end it turns out that something has failed and the recording has not taken place. This could mean losing perhaps the only opportunity we had to get the evidence we needed.

The same goes for counter-espionage products. It would be a big problem to rely, for example, on a microphone detector that tells us that there is no device around us, to have an important conversation, and that in the end it turns out that there was someone spying on us and was able to capture all the information we have mentioned.

At Espiamos we are specialists in spying and counter-spy products, and that is why we work with some of the best brands on the market. This allows us to offer our customers all the quality they need and deserve when they have to use devices of this type.

From the brands we have in our catalogue on this occasion we are going to focus on TS Market, it is time to get to know it a little better.


Who is TS Market?

 One of the keys to the success of the best brands of spy products is specialization. In the case of TS Market, it has decided to specialize in miniature voice recorders. Devices that go completely unnoticed and that, despite their small size, are capable of capturing sounds with great clarity and storing several hours of audio inside.

The company was founded in 2001 as part of Telesystems Ltd. to export its products outside Russia. Always with the commitment to offer a wide range of audio recorders incorporating the latest technologies and with the highest quality standards, also complying with all international safety standards.

The company is today the leading Russian producer of professional miniature digital audio recorders and accessories for them. In fact, it has managed to get several of its products into the Guinness Book of Records for being the smallest in the world.

TS Market recorders

 Within the catalogue of this brand we can find devices that cover a wide range of needs. A good example are the credit card spy recorders that are among the most sold.


They have a very thin rectangular shape and are very easy to handle, allowing you to record sound in a professional way. Simply connect them to your PC and you can customize them for recording using the software that comes with them.

TS Market also has other product ranges such as the SOROKA series, which includes a MEMS microphone and an SD or micro SDHC memory card to capture hours and hours of audio.


On the other hand there is the Witness series, one of the most popular of this brand. These recorders have enough memory to record continuously even for several days, always with a great sound quality.


Finally, there are the Edic Mini series recorders, which surprise with their small size and low power consumption, allowing them to work for several days. And because they have a highly sensitive microphone built in, not a single detail is lost.

It's time to get to know these devices a little better.

Weeny & Dime Series TS Market Recorder

 In this case, they are professional cutting devices designed to obtain high quality recordings that will be registered in your flash memory. The range has been recently renewed and incorporates the latest generation of digital microphones to better capture the sounds. Another novelty is a new type of memory with higher performance.


The recordings captured by this device can be transferred to a PC, telephone or any other device that supports the connection of external operators. And the best thing is that with its digital marker system the recordings are protected and no unauthorized changes can be made to them. This is especially interesting when using the recordings as evidence in a trial, since their authenticity can be more easily proven.

Outstanding features of the TS Market recorders

  • They are very compact in size.
  • It has the option of sound or voice activation.
  • You can program the start and end time of the recording.
  • They offer linear and circular recording modes.
  • All recordings are recorded with the time and date they were made.
  • The audio records can be password protected so that no one can access them.
  • Built-in markers help prove the identity of the records.
  • Operation is very simple.


Within this series we will highlight three models:

The Edic-mini Weeny A110 is a recorder with a height of 29 mm, width of 24 mm and thickness of 4 mm, weighing 4 grams. In a metal box and with a 5V power supply, it has enough battery to work in recording mode for 17 hours.

The Edic-mini Weeny A113 is a recorder measuring 37 mm high, 15 mm wide, 4.5 mm thick and weighing 4 grams. It also has a metal case to protect the device and requires a 5V power supply. Its battery has the same performance as the previous one, 17 hours.

The series is completed with the Edic-mini Weeny A111, with a height of 37.5 mm, 24 mm wide, 3.5 mm thick and weighing 6 grams. In a metal box, with a 5V power supply and a battery life in recording mode of 50 hours.

SOROKA TS Market Recorder Series

The small size of these recorders makes them a favorite among research professionals and also a good alternative for those who are not used to these devices but need to make a recording to obtain evidence.

Within the SOROKA series we find very light miniature recorders that store information on a micro SD card. This makes them very easy to use in any situation and that carrying them around is effortless. 

Without a doubt, one of their strong points is their high-sensitivity, low-noise microphone. Thanks to it, sound can be picked up very clearly from a distance of up to 9 metres. 

Controlling the devices in this range is so simple that even a child could do it. All operation is done with a single button and it is an LED light that indicates whether the device is recording or not. Then you simply connect the recorder to your computer and use its software to customize the functions you want to use at any given time. 

Within this series there are several models that are worth knowing: 

The SOROKA-14E is a mini-recorder that measures 28 mm high, 22.5 mm wide and is 9.7 mm thick, with a total weight of 15 grams, and this despite the fact that its case is made of metal to make it more resistant. The battery is rechargeable and has an autonomy of up to 133 hours. 

The SOROKA-15E is an evolution of the previous model, a little bigger but lighter. It is 33.3 mm high, 26 mm wide and 5.3 mm thick, weighing only 9 grams. Protected in a metal box and with a rechargeable battery with a performance of 83 hours. 

The SOROKA-16E completes the range, which is the largest of all. It is 80 mm high, 40 mm wide, 8.5 mm thick and weighs 48 grams. The box is made of metal and has a rechargeable battery that allows it to be active for up to 1122 hours.

Edic Mini Tiny TS Market recorder

 The devices in this range are characterised by high quality recordings, long battery life, a highly sensitive microphone and a really small size.

As they have no moving parts these recorders are very resistant, withstand strong vibrations and even extreme temperatures, so they can do their work even outdoors without any problem.

 All models of the Tiny series can be connected to the computer through the USB cable that is also supplied and have specific software to facilitate their operation. Their flash disk can be between 1 and 8 GB depending on the model chosen.

One of its outstanding features is the voice activation system or VAS. This causes the device to shut down during pauses and to re-record once the conversation has started again. This increases your battery life and makes more use of your memory capacity. In addition, once the recording has been downloaded to the computer you can leave the silences or set the audio to play continuously without the silences.

All the operation is done with a single button, with an LED indicator that warns if the recording is in progress. However, through the software, other ways of operating can also be configured, such as activating the VAS system we have just mentioned or programming the time for switching the recording on and off.

The audios collected with the recorder are identified with the date and time of the beginning of the recording and can also be protected by a password to prevent manipulation by unauthorized third parties.

Within this range we will especially highlight two models:

The Edic-mini Tiny B47 is a recorder with a height of 50 mm and a diameter of 15 mm, its total weight is only 19 grams and it can record up to 300 hours of recording. The battery life in recording mode depends on the mode used, it can go from 40 hours in continuous mode to 168 in VAS mode.

The Edic-mini Tiny A45 is 79mm high and 9mm in diameter, with a total weight of 13 grams, so it is smaller and thinner than a conventional pen. It can record up to 150 hours of audio and its rechargeable battery has a performance of up to 64 hours in continuous recording mode and 150 hours in VAS mode.


Espiamos, exclusive distributor of TS Market in Spain and Colombia


Major spy brands like TS Market want to take care of their image as much as possible, and that's why they select the distributors they work with very carefully. They are not looking to sell thousands of units, but to have their products recognized as high-end professional devices, and for this it is essential that the distributor lives up to the image they want to convey.

At Espiamos we have been lucky enough to pass all the quality standards of the Russian brand and have been chosen by them as their exclusive distributor both in Spain and Colombia. This means that if you want to acquire one of their recorders legally and with all the guarantees you will only be able to do it in our stores.

Thus TS Market ensures that its products will be sold by professionals in the sector who can advise on their different models.

Where can I buy TS Market products?

Espiamos is a store of spying and counter-espionage products of reference. If you want to visit our physical store you can find us in Duque de Sesto street in Madrid, but if you can't come our online store is open for you 24 hours a day every day of the year.


We have a team of specialists capable of advising you on everything you need to choose the most suitable recorder for your specific case. Furthermore, if you have any doubts about the configuration or operation, we will also help you even after you have made your purchase.

Do you want a TS Market recorder? Ask us and you will get just the one you need.

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