Spy Pen 8Gb: Recording 512Kbps, 20h Autonomy 【2024】
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Spy Pen 8Gb: Recording 512Kbps, 20h Autonomy

SPY PEN fully functional. It has an autonomy of 20 hours in continuous mode and 8 Gb of internal memory to store up to 96 hours of 96 hours of recordings.

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Spy Pen 8Gb: Recording 512Kbps, 20h Autonomy

Spy Pen 8Gb: Recording 512Kbps, 20h Autonomy


Discover the Spy Pen: A Revolution in Discreet Recording

In an ever-changing world, there is a growing need for tools that allow us to document and record key moments in our lives. That's where the Spy Pen comes in. This technological gem is not just a writing instrument, but a powerful recorder that gives you the opportunity to record important conversations without arousing suspicion.

Features that stand out in this pen recorder

If you have ever thought about purchasing a recording device, there are several reasons why this pen should be at the top of your list. It is not simply an innovative gadget, but a precise combination of design and functionality. Its features are proof of that:

  • 8Gb storage capacity for hours and hours of audio.
  • 96 hours of audio recording with a clear resolution of 512 kbps.
  • A high sensitivity microphone that captures sounds of various intensities.
  • A sleek, modern design that won't clash with any environment.

What makes this spy pen unique?

Beyond its ability to write, this pen is a taste of the future. Imagine the possibilities open to you: recording important meetings, documenting verbal agreements, or even having a personal security tool. Its date and time settings ensure that you always know when each recording was made, giving you the peace of mind of having an accurate and orderly record.

Why is it essential to have a Spy Pen in your arsenal?

Life is full of unexpected moments. Sometimes those moments require proof, whether it's to resolve disputes, remember details, or simply to have peace of mind that everything is in order. With the recording pen, you no longer have to rely on your memory. Now, you have at your fingertips a tool that captures reality in its purest form: sound. And, best of all, it does it discreetly, without anyone noticing.

Tips on how to make the most of your spy pen

A spy pen is undoubtedly a technological marvel, but like any device, it has its tricks and secrets. Knowing its optimal position for recording, understanding how to store your audio, and familiarizing yourself with its functions will allow you to get the most out of it. Did you know, for example, that by placing it in a central position in a room you can capture sounds from all angles? Small details like this can make a big difference in the quality of your recordings.

Commitment and quality with Espiamos

Purchasing a tool as special as the Recording Pen is an investment in security and peace of mind. At Espiamos, that's what matters to us. Your trust. That's why, when you take this innovative device with you, you also take with you the promise of quality and support from our team. In addition, we offer a three-year warranty, because we know that when you invest in security, you expect the best.

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