Spy Pen 2k 1296p: HD Recording and Superior Autonomy 【2024】
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Spy Pen 2K Super High Definition 1296p Resolution

2k spy pen with mini hidden camera that allows captures at 60 frames per second and resolutions up to Super Full HD 1296p (2304 x 1296 px) with motion detection. 16 GB internal memory. Low light sensor. Photo, video, audio and automatic shutdown.

€225.00 Tax included

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Spy Pen 2K Super High Definition 1296p Resolution

Spy Pen 2K Super High Definition 1296p Resolution


In today's environment, where security is an essential pillar, it is essential to have tools that suit our daily needs without attracting attention. That's where the 2k 1296p spy pen comes in. This innovation is not only an everyday pen but also houses the most advanced spy technology on the market.

Key features of the 2k 1296p spy pen

  • Fully functional. Writes like a normal pen.
  • Records in high definition (SUPER HD with a resolution of up to 2304 x 1296).
  • Motion detection
  • Elegant and discreet design
  • H.264 video compression format
  • Easy data download from PC / MAC with its USB connector
  • Video transmission is divided into 10-minute files
  • 70 degree viewing angle
  • Minimum illumination 1Lux
  • Video format: MOV for 2K resolution
  • Easily configured by software

Fully configurable by software, being able to program:

  • Enable / disable stamping the date on the image.
  • Image quality: Fine or Super fine
  • Resolution: 1296p at 30fps / 1080p at 30fps / 720p at 30 or 60fps
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Why do you need to buy a 2k 1296p spy pen?

The answer is simple: we live in times where security and privacy are essential. Whether to protect yourself, safeguard your family or simply to have evidence in certain situations, this 2k 1296p spy pen is the perfect ally. Plus, thanks to its high resolution, every recording is crystal clear, ensuring you won't miss a single detail.

The 2K Spy Camera Pen: A revolution in spy technology

With the 2k 1296p spy pen, you have in your hands not only a writing instrument, but a powerful recording tool. Its motion detection capability ensures that nothing important is missed. Its design, both sleek and discreet, makes it go unnoticed in any environment, while its USB connector ensures fast and hassle-free data transfer.

Practical applications of your HD Spy Pen

The HD spy pen is useful in a variety of scenarios. From recording meetings, to capturing lectures or classes without distractions. It is also invaluable for journalists, private detectives, and any professional who needs to record information discreetly and efficiently.

Guarantee and confidence in your investment

At ESPIAMOS, we value our customers' trust. That's why, with the purchase of the 2k hidden camera pen, we offer you a three-year warranty. So you can be sure that you are making a smart investment in a product of the highest quality.

Conclusion: The perfect complement to your security

In a world full of uncertainties, it is essential to be prepared. With the 2k 1296p spy pen, you not only have a high quality device, but also the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected. Whether for personal or professional use, this pen is the perfect combination of functionality and discretion. And, with ESPIAMOS' three-year warranty, you can rest assured that your security is in good hands.