Spy Camera on iPhone Charger 【2024】
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Spy Camera on iPhone Charger

Hidden camera in iPhone or iPad charger . It is a DVR that incorporates a hidden camera with motion detection inside the charging base of an iPhone or iPad . Compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 6.

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Spy Camera on iPhone Charger

Spy Camera on iPhone Charger


Why buy a Spy Camera in iPhone Charger?

In a world where security and privacy are paramount, having a discreet and effective solution for surveillance is essential. The iPhone Charger Spy Camera offers a perfect way to monitor your home or workplace without raising suspicions. Integrated into an everyday device, this camera ensures that you can keep a reliable record of what is happening in your environment, providing peace of mind and security.

Featured Features Spy Camera in iPhone Charger

Discreet and Functional Design

Located at the base of a charger compatible with various iPhone models, this camera is perfectly camouflaged in any environment. Its innovative design allows it to go unnoticed, while offering continuous surveillance without interruptions due to battery problems.

Advanced Surveillance

Equipped with motion detection, this spy camera automatically adjusts sensitivity and recording time to effectively capture any suspicious activity. In addition, it allows you to choose between continuous recording or motion detection, adapting to your specific surveillance needs.

High Quality Audio and Video

With a highly sensitive microphone and the ability to time and date stamp recordings, this camera is ideal for obtaining clear and convincing court evidence. The inclusion of a 4 GB memory card, expandable up to 32 GB, ensures ample storage capacity.

Technical Specifications Hidden Camera in iPhone Charger

  • Compatibility: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 6 (adapter required for models 5, 5C, and 6 not included).
  • Memory Capacity: Includes 4 GB card, expandable up to 32 GB.
  • Recording Functions: Continuous or motion detection.
  • Package Components: Network adapter, base with hidden camera, transformer with microphone, RCA and USB cables, remote control.


The Spy Camera on iPhone Charger is the perfect tool for those looking for a discreet and efficient surveillance solution. Whether for home security, office monitoring, or even as evidence in court proceedings, this device offers a unique combination of camouflaged design, advanced functionality, and ease of use. Purchase your spy camera today and ensure continuous surveillance of your spaces with total discretion.