Samsung Galaxy S9 1080p Live Image without VPN
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Samsung Galaxy S9 1080p Live Image without VPN

New modified Samsung S9 spy phone. You can record discreetly while resting the phone on the table. It can be used at both short and long distances - ideal for professionals!



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Samsung Galaxy S9 1080p Live Image without VPN
Samsung Galaxy S9 1080p Live Image without VPN

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Samsung Galaxy S9 spy phone with 1080p covert front facing camera

Can you imagine being able to covertly record with your phone resting on the table?

Grabación oculta con teléfono espía

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 spy phone. With this phone you will be able to discreetly record in a horizontal position while quietly reading the newspaper. You can also call or write messages as it works like a normal phone. Record discreetly in 1080p without arousing suspicion!

How does the Samsung Galaxy S9 Spy Phone with 1080p front facing camera work?

This spy phone works just like a regular Samsung S7 phone. In addition to possessing all the original features of the manufacturer, other modifications have been made at the software (hidden recording app, etc.) and hardware level (modifications of the position of the front camera to the top).

Teléfono Espía con lente modificada

With this phone you will be able to call naturally, write messages, install apps, etc.

The phone has a pre-installed hidden application that allows you to record quickly (with a single click). While recording you can lock the screen, make a call or use the browser. You can also stop recording instantly by pressing the volume button.

Where are the images stored?

All photos and videos are stored in the phone's internal memory. With the streaming version (optional) the files are also stored on the server and can be downloaded at any time using the two-step user verification (2FA) system.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S9 Spy Phone transmit the image in real time?

Yes, with the streaming version (optional). This phone allows you to transmit the image in real time, using the 4G network, with no distance limit. Your partner can be anywhere in the world and see the target in his office.

The system can actually connect up to 50 different phones simultaneously, so the target can be recorded from different angles using different terminals. Your colleague will not only see the image in real time, but will also be able to remotely download the recorded files and know the exact location of where you are working (optional). All this using VPN encryption VPN encryption encryption and full-duplex full-duplex audio communication.

Visualización servidor teléfono espía

Real-time image transmission via 4G.

Main features of the spy phone:

  • Works as a normal phone.
  • Spy recording can run in the background.
  • Front camera can be rotated by software 90/180 and 270º.
  • The phone records with the screen locked.
  • Date and time stamping.
  • GPS Stamp available

How to record with Samsung S9 spy phone ?

This phone has the camera on the top. You can record in two different ways to your target.

  1. Resting the phone on a table.
  2. Holding the phone in your hand.

What settings can I make on the spy phone?

Among many other settings you can:

  • Rotate the camera 90,180 and 270º.
  • choose resolution: 1080p, 720p, 640p or 320p
  • FPS: 5,10,15,20,20,25,30
  • Video Codec Format: MJPEG or YUYV
  • Bitrate: Up to 32000
  • Noise cancellation level.
  • Enable / disable GPS
  • Cyclic recording.
  • Auto start recording.
  • Time of recorded files (in minutes).

Do you need a spy phone in another model?

We currently have other smartphones such as iPhone 6, Samsung S7, S8 Plus, S9 Plus, Red Mi 6 Pro and white label phones. If you need us to adapt this system to another more modern phone just write us and we will inform you about the procedure. You can have the latest phone with the best hidden recording system!

Need more features?

We can make this phone compatible with other hidden cameras such as: button cameras, glasses, headphones, backpacks, handbags, etc. All of them with real time image transmission. Ask us, you will be surprised what we can do!

NoteThis phone is a customized product to which default applications are installed and the hardware configuration is modified. The estimated delivery time is 10 working days. Contact us and we will inform you of the phones we have in stock.

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