RQ-600 Microphone UHF for telephone line
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RQ-600 Microphone UHF for telephone line

RQ-600 New microphone professional spy UHF to use in-line telephone with an autonomy unlimited. Fully camouflaged. Ideal for covert surveillance.

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RQ-600 Microphone UHF for telephone line

RQ-600 Microphone UHF for telephone line


In ESPIAMOS.COM we are able to hide microphones UHF in almost any place, and on this occasion we present a module phone spy that hides one of the microphones UHF world's smallest.

You'll be able to listen in on phone calls that occur in your home or office, in a way completely wireless and invisible. Without a doubt, a product that will revolutionize the market.


This module phone hidden inside a mini microphone UHF spy long range. The RQ -600 is powered directly from the telephone line so that you will have an autonomy unlimited.

Its operation is very simple. Just connect the crocodile clips along the telephone line and automatically the microphone starts broadcasting.



Main features:

  • Microphone professional very discreet.
  • Autonomy unlimited
  • Transmitted by UHF
  • Very easy to use



Technical features:

  • Size: 19.5 x 9 x 39mm / alligator clip 18cm
  • Weight: 9gr
  • Power supply: from telephone line
  • Battery life: Unlimited
  • Available channels: UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
  • Channels D / E / F: on request
  • Radio Transmission:
    • 50 meters in cities and interiors
    • 100 metres in places clear
  • Output power: 10mW
  • Receivers supported: ZS10, ZS10-HX, ZS100M, PS-100, ZZS-100, ZBN-100,



Note: All of the microphones in UHF need a receiver (not included) to be able to listen to the audio. Check out the tech specs to see the receivers compatible.