To spy WhatsApp in 2019 What are the consequences?

It is possible that at some point you've been tempted to spy on the whatsapp of your partner or your children, but did you know that if you do you can be committing a crime?

Today mobile phones are a very important part of our life. They took pictures of us and of our loved ones, videos, conversations... all of a set of data that is strictly private and that no one should be able to access without our permission.

However, the security of these devices is not too high (unless you have the phone encrypted) so that it is possible for someone to be able to access that content. Although this action certainly is not going to remain unpunished.

Although trust should be the basis of an affective relationship, we all know that there are many people who review the mobile of their partners. If there is consent by the other party there is absolutely no problem with this.

The conflict arises when someone reviews someone else's phone and access its contents without express consent from the owner of the same.

This behavior is so common and seems to not have too much importance, in reality, is typified in the Penal Code. Is the article 197 which refers to the crime of discovery and revelation of secrets, punished with between 1 and 4 years of prison.


How to spy on whatsapp to a mobile or cellular?

Despite the fact that controlling the conversations of another person is not something legal or ethical, the thing changes dramatically when we are with minors.

Children are initiated into the use of social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc .. every time soon. The current average is around 8 years old. That is why it is normal that parents are concerned about the use that their children give to the phone.

In these cases it is best to make use of the parental control tools. Beyond that you have the device itself, there are software specialized on monitoring the mobile phones of minors.

These programs allow you to block access to certain sites, block certain inbound or outbound call and handle the messages.

Is it legal to install a spy software on the phone of my child?

This topic is very controversial. The right to privacy recognized in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution protects also to the minors. This right is also recognized in the Organic Law 1/1996 on protection of minors.

However, there are statements that attest to the fact that the parents to monitor the conversations of their minor children through media such as WhatsApp as a means to preserve the intactness of minors and keep them protected.


Is it legal to install spyware in the phone of the employees?

In our law there is what is known as a “power of direction of the entrepreneur“, a power that enables you to take measures to control the workers to perform their work properly.

In certain very specific cases it has allowed the use of the geo-location of workers through GPS. For example, in the case of dispatchers to control that make your route properly.

What is not allowed in any case is to use software that can spy on the worker in a broad sense: to record your conversations, controlled movements, keeping a record of the hours of work, etc.

In addition, any control measures taken for the workers (installation of video cameras in the office or use of GPS in vehicles for example) should be previously notified in writing.

Is it legal to spy on whatsapp of the partner?

Today anyone who wants to spy whatsapp of another person can do so without the need to overcomplicate life. There are applications that can be installed without the owner of the phone know and they are in charge of spying on different levels.

What is common is that the recording of conversations, follow-up of the displacement, etc

It is striking that the majority of these applications are used by couples. Is he or she who decides to install this control mechanism in the mobile phone of another person without this knowledge.

The other alternative of espionage between couples is to go directly to the simple and wait for the other is not to look at your phone.

In both cases we find ourselves before a case of espionage and are two behaviors are equally severe. It is an interception of communications without the consent of the holder.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, numerous studies show that in cases of couples harassing up to 50% of them used computer programs and other ways to control the lives of their partners.


What is the penalty for spying whatsapp or another person's mobile phone?

As we pointed out before, access to the content of a person's mobile or spying on the same without his consent constitutes a crime of discovery and revelation of secrets.

The article 197 of the Penal Code provides for this conduct, a sentence of imprisonment of 1 to 4 years. The penalty will be from 2 to 5 years if in addition the data is disseminated or transferred to third parties and also if the diffuser or the one who assigns data to a third party does so knowing that such data was obtained illegally, even if they have not been obtained by him.

It also penalizes the dissemination, disclosure or transfer to third parties of images or audiovisual recordings without the consent of the affected person if the disclosure is seriously undermining their personal privacy.


What says the law on the use of the spyware?

The Spanish courts are very clear with respect to this issue. Spy on the mobile phone of another person is conduct that is absolutely forbidden, there is no cause that can justify.

Now, if they are minors of age and the spying is done by the parents in order to keep protected the children, then the case law is in favour of such control. As long as the spy does not have any other intention.

Spy on whatsapp or mobile phone of another is never a good idea

As you have seen, to spy on the other mobile is conduct that is strictly prohibited. This is why you should not do it.

If you think that your partner may be cheating, you can forget about this type of measures. It is much better to raise issues with clarity and discussed.

In the case of minors, it is a good idea for them to know you control what they do online and with their phones. Be sure to give your children some guidelines for who can use new technologies safely. Many times, it's more a good education, to walk by spying messages.

With respect to your employees. If you are a businessman you can find other legal measures that will help to make sure that everyone complies with their obligations.

There are many alternatives to all levels, so that to spy on the mobile of another person, either with a software or directly by going physically to your content, it should never be an option. You've already seen that act this way may have important implications for criminal cases.



Protect yourself: how to tell if I spy Whatsapp

In recent years there have appeared so many programs and apps that allows you to spy on conversations through instant messaging systems such as Whatsapp that we've all become a little paranoid in this regard.

However, prevention is better than cure, so it pays to be attentive to the signs that can indicate that maybe there is something going on with our phone.

There are several reasons that can cause us to be suspect:

· That someone close to us have information that we are confident that we have made.

· Our phone has a noticeable drop in performance no apparent cause for it.

· If our messages take a long time to be sent, or soon to receive sent to us by others.

· The battery lasts less than usual.

· Messages appear with some lines of codes and symbols. This is a sign that someone is using an app spy to capture your communications, and that in addition this app does not work properly or is not well configured.

· In the mobile phone appear services and apps that we have not installed ourselves.

In most cases we detect something is wrong, more by intuition than anything else. But when it comes to the suspect, you must act.



Programs to detect if I am being spied on

Since we introduced the system of message encryption, Whatsapp is more difficult to spy, but logically also has its faults, and those are precisely the ones that hackers use to develop programs that can access our information.

One of the techniques most used today is to directly open the session of Whatsapp in another device. That is to say, that without you knowing it, someone could have at their disposal all the information that you give and receive through this messaging system. Ultimately, you could even suplantarte.

The “good” of this situation is that you can easily detect what is happening, going”I to see how.

The app of instant messaging, most famous worldwide launched some years ago, Whatsapp Web, a program with which you can use the application from any computer. This, which a priori is a good idea, can be a source of problems if you do not realize and you leave your account open on a shared computer or who may have access to other people.

And there's still more, any person who at any time may have your mobile phone to hand you can get to link your computer to your account Whatsapp without that you give or account.

If someone is spying on you is what has worked so little how to be using this technique, you can discover easily by following these steps.

Log into your account from the app through the mobile and click on the three dots vertical (top-right corner of the screen). Opens a drop-down in the that you should click on Whatsapp Web. Immediately it will show you the sessions in your application that are open.

If you've never opened a session from another device other than your mobile, or you don't recognize some of those listed, already have it, you are spying on.

In case you see something that you think is suspect, closes the session or closes directly all of the sessions. So the person I was spying on you no longer have access to your conversations.




Anti-spyware software

Another alternative is to install in your phone an app that is in charge of detecting if there is in your device some kind of spyware.

A good option is to Anti Spy Mobile Free, detects a lot of malware and gives you the option to delete the suspicious programs.

If you still don't stay quiet, the best option is to reset the mobile to factory settings. This ensures that there is not any trace of malware from spyware.



The future of the spy Whatsapp what they were, and the trends will be?

Even when it comes to spy the trends are changing with the passage of time, it is not always the same nor for the same reasons.

While some years ago it was common to spy on the instant messaging systems of the partner or the children, today the spy has arrived on the world of business. Hence, the systems used are becoming more sophisticated and more complex to detect.



How to spy Whatsapp in 2017 and 2018

For years it accused Whatsapp of lack of safety by not including a measure as basic as the encryption end-to-end, making the messages going from one side to another could be picked up easily by spy apps that actually were quite simple.

With the arrival of the encryption end-to-end things have gotten difficult. In the past two years, the app stores have filled up with programs that promised to spy on Whatsapp, but what is certain is that very few of them achieve this purpose.

In fact, there are a large number of apps supposedly spies who are no more than a scam to install malware on the phone who wanted to spy on the other. Well thought out, it is all an exercise in karma.



How to spy Whatsapp in 2019, find out what you can do

As we have seen before, today the most common way is to spy is to directly open another session on another device.

This not only involves a serious intrusion on your privacy, but that can pose a significant risk.

Who is seeing your messages can also have access to sensitive data such as your ID card number or your checking account number. For example, if you are sending the data to a friend or family member to sign up for any type of event or to make a transfer.

But it is more. Whatsapp Web allows you to operate with the app exactly the same as that from the cell phone, so whoever has your login session open, you can impersonate. You could send an offensive message to someone important to you, write to an ex-partner or send a message to your boss.

If that swiping your conversations is serious, that they are acting for you, he is still much more.




Future trends: how espiará Whatsapp in 2020

Spying on the conversations of others is a crime, but that does not stop each time there are more people interested in this topic. In fact, the related searches with spy Whatsapp number in the thousands each month on Google. This allows us to get an idea of what you are interested in this possibility.

The majority of people who develop this type of conduct of espionage are fully aware that what they do is illegal, what happens is that it gives them exactly the same and rely on that they're not going to discover.

And to a certain extent they are right. It is possible that you may discover that there is a malware to spy on your mobile phone, but it's going to be complicated that you get to discover who has installed. And if you do what denunciarías if it is someone close to you? This is what makes this kind of people to act with so much impunity.

Face the immediate future does not seem that things are going to change too much. Surely they will still appear in apps that promise access to all information of Whatsapp of another person but that the end result does not serve for nothing.

We trust you to be the own Whatsapp the that follow to strengthen their security measures to avoid that spyware can give us a disgust.

But it is not only about struggle against apps for spying on Whatsapp, but there are already many people that when they see that spyware does not function choose to directly hire a hacker, and fight against these criminals is more complicated.




Who could spy on your Whatsapp?

You may think that you are an ordinary person and there is no reason for other people to want to eavesdrop on your messages, but you'll be warned that this is not so. There are more people than you think with interest in obtaining information on the other.



People close to you

In the majority of cases, the spies are usually people that are in our environment. It is a problem that occurs especially between couples because of jealousy and the need to control the other person.

It is a conduct which is particularly serious that may even lead to abuse, since it involves not respecting the freedom of the other person.

In the cases of divorce is also common to want to spy on the other party in order to obtain information that they can use against her.





The personal data are especially attractive to cybercriminals, who can use them or to sell them and earn money or to directly access your bank accounts or even obtain sensitive information and chantajearte with it.

As you can see, whenever someone wants to access the information that is on your phone what is behind it is a mood to cause harm to its own benefit the spy. That is why it is important for you to protect your devices and to act with caution.