The 7 best spy cameras of 2024

In The 7 Best Spy Cameras of 2024, I will show you how technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, enabling the creation of more discreet and high-quality devices for secret recording. Have you ever wanted to discreetly record a moment without attracting attention? Whether for security reasons, to document evidence or simply for personal interest, spy cameras have become essential tools in our day to day. Discover with me which are the best options available in the market for this year.


Product description:

The Z82 SPY CAMERA has It has been specifically designed for those who wish to discreetly record and detect movement through the glass, ideal for identifying those responsible for vehicle damage. This unique camera has two lenses: one specific for motion detection and another for recording, allowing clear recordings even in places with low light such as garages and parking lots.

the 7 best cameras spies 2024

Main features:

  • 2 integrated cameras: 1 wide angle + 1 motion detection
  • High Definition / 1080p
  • 120º viewing angle
  • Low light camera
  • 256Gb memory card capacity (not included)
  • Motion detection through the glass
  • Cyclic recording
  • Built-in microphone
  • 9 hours of autonomy in continuous recording and up to 1 month in motion detection mode
  • Possibility of connection to a Power Bank or car cigarette lighter socket
  • Software configuration
  • Compact and easily concealable design


Pros and cons:

Pros: Its ability to detect movement through glass sets it apart from other spy cameras. The low light lens allows night recordings without the need for IR LEDs, saving battery life and extending the camera's autonomy. It has excellent autonomy compared to other cameras.

Cons: The memory card is not included in the purchase and must be purchased separately.


Recommended use:

This device is highly recommended for people who have suffered damage to their vehicles and want to identify the person responsible. Its compact design and low-light recording capabilities make it ideal for situations in garages, parking lots, or anywhere discreet recording is desired. In addition, with ESPIAMOS as the exclusive distributor in Spain, you have the guarantee of a quality product, with professional after-sales service and a 2-year guarantee.



Product description:

The PV-DY20i by LawMate is a 3MP portable spy camera with WIFI IP technology. This innovative camera allows the visualization of images in real time from any mobile device and anywhere in the world. Record in a variety of resolutions, including crisp Full HD H264 at 30 FPS. In addition, it has an overwrite function, making it an ideal tool for customizations.

the 7 best spy cameras

Main features:

  • Real-time surveillance from any Android/IOS Smartphone anywhere.
  • Various video resolutions: 1920x1080p at 30 FPS, 1280x720 at 30FPS, and WVGA at 30FPS.
  • Motion detection or cont recording optionsinua.
  • 3MP camera.
  • Includes remote control model RF50 and 2200 mAh battery.
  • Overwrite function.
  • Storage via micro SD card up to 128Gb.
  • H.264 compression for better image quality.
  • Possibility to record videos and take pictures.


Pros and cons:

Pros: Its ability to display images in real time makes it an unmatched tool for surveillance. The LawMate brand is recognized for providing the highest image quality, being preferred by professionals around the world for judicial processes. Its easy operation and configuration, together with the different resolutions available, make it versatile for different situations.

Cons: Not having a display screen, all configurations and file downloads must be done via WIFI through a Smartphone.


Recommended use:

The PV-DY20i spy module is perfect for those looking for real-time surveillance without distance limitations. It is especially useful for synchronizing with routers and viewing images on mobile devices from anywhere. Thanks to its vibration system, users can know when a video is being recorded or a picture is being taken. Its ability to charge via USB or wall outlet makes it practical for different situations. In addition, its high definition image quality and clarity in capturing details make it essential to provide evidence in legal proceedings.


Spy speaker with WiFi PV-BT10i hidden in Bluetooth speaker

Product description:

This device is a Bluetooth spy speaker PV-BT10i. Not only does it act as a true portable Bluetooth speaker compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets, but it also comes with a mini low light WiFi spy camera created by LawMate. This camera allows users to view images in real time from any mobile phone and record in various resolutions, including 1080p quality at 30 FPS with H.264 compression.

the seven best spy cameras of 2024

Main features:

  • Works as a true bluetooth speaker.
  • Real-time surveillance.
  • 3 different resolutions: Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 30FPS, HD 1280 x 720 at 30FPS, and VGA 848 x 480 at 30FPS.
  • Storage via micro SD card up to 128Gb.
  • H.264 compression that increases quality.
  • Take videos and photos.
  • Up to 180 minutes of autonomy.


  • True bluetooth speakerphone functionality.
  • High definition recording capability.
  • Real-time surveillance from anywhere in the world.
  • Function over writing, allowing more efficient storage.


  • The battery life is limited to 180 minutes, although it can be connected to the mains for longer duration.


Recommended Use:

The PV-BT10i bluetooth spy speaker is perfect for those looking for a discreet and functional surveillance tool. In addition to being an efficient device for listening to music, its hidden camera makes it an ideal instrument for real-time surveillance. We recommend you follow the instruction manual in Spanish for optimal use and make the most of all its functions.



Product description:

Modified Samsung S9 spy phone . Imagine being able to covertly record with your phone resting on the table. This device allows you to record discreetly inboth short and long distances, making it ideal for professionals.

spy camera 2024

Main features:

  • Works like a normal phone.
  • Spy recording can run in the background.
  • Front camera modified and relocated to the top.
  • Hidden recording app pre-installed.
  • Encrypted data transmission via VPN.
  • GPS stamp available.
  • Server display for real-time image transmission via 4G.


Pros and cons:

This spy phone gives you the ability to record discreetly in high quality. With it, you get not only a hidden recording device, but also all the features of a standard Samsung Galaxy S9+. However, keep in mind that, as it is a personalized product, the delivery time can be up to 10 business days.


Recommended use:

We recommend this spy phone for professionals who need to make discreet recordings without arousing suspicion. It is ideal for situations where covert video or image capture is required, either by resting the phone on a table or hand-held. In addition, it is versatile and compatible with other hidden cameras, such as buttons, glasses, headphones and more.



Product description:

Spy alarm clock WIFI PV-FM20HDWI. An innovative spy camera hidden in a low light table clock with unlimited autonomy and night vision. Thanks to its WIFI connection, it allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone. This device records in various resolutions, including 1080p at 30 FPS with H.264 compression and can work in both continuous and motion detection modes.

fm20 spy camera

Main features:

  • Works like a real watch.
  • Real-time surveillance: Ability to view real-time images and configure the device from anywhere in the world.
  • Night vision thanks to its invisible infrared LEDs.
  • Ability to take videos and photographs.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Mini hidden camera CMOS 1/2.9" low light, with a need of only 0.03 LUX.
  • H.264 compression for better recording quality.
  • Various recording modes, including motion detection.
  • Available resolutions: 1080p, 720p, WVGA.
  • Hidden indicator LED for charging, recording and WIFI connection.


Pros and cons:

The PV-FM20HDWI represents a new era in spy cameras from LawMate. It is ideal for those looking for superior recording quality. Its 5Mp spy camera offers high definition recordings and the possibility of viewing it in real time from a smartphone. However, due to its advanced technology, it may require a little more time to learn all its functions and settings through its app.


Recommended use:

This spy watch is perfect for those who want to carry out covert recordings, whether in offices, bedrooms or any other space. Thanks to its discretion and high quality, it is useful for both professionals and individuals looking to obtain high-definition recordings.



Product description:

The Power Bank WIFI PV-PB20i represents the latest evolution of LawMate spy cameras. It is a device that works like a real auxiliary battery, allowing you to recharge mobile phones, tablets and other devices.electronic sites. However, inside it houses a mini low-light WIFI spy camera that allows you to view and record images in real time from any mobile phone. The spy camera, hidden in the front of this power bank, offers videos and photos with amazing clarity and sharpness. Record in multiple resolutions, including 1080p at 30 FPS with H.264 compression.

hidden camera pb20 lawmate

Main features:

  • Works like a real Power Bank.
  • Real-time surveillance: Possibility to view images, access recorded files and configure the device from anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to take videos and photographs.
  • Integrated microphone.
  • Low light 1/2.9" CMOS mini hidden camera. Requires only 0.1 LUX.
  • H.264 compression that optimizes recording quality.
  • Recording modes: Continuous or by motion detection.
  • Available resolutions: 1080p, 720p, WVGA.
  • Hidden LED indicator for charging, recording and WIFI.
  • Storage on micro SD card up to 64Gb.
  • Configuration and access through the LawMate APP for IOS and Android.


Pros and cons:

The LawMate PV-PB20i combines the utility of a real power bank with the advanced capabilities of a spy camera, offering high-definition recordings and real-time access from anywhere. It is perfect for those looking for exceptional quality in their recording. However, because it is a device with many functions, its handling could be somewhat complex for people unfamiliar with advanced technologies, making it necessary to carefully follow the instruction manual.


Recommended use:

This power bank with spy camera is ideal for covert recordings in offices, rooms or other spaces. Given its low light requirement (0.03 lux), it can capture details even in low light conditions, such as faces or letters. Plus, by syncing with a router and set to record on motion detection, it can send real-time alerts in the event of activity. It is recommended for both security professionals and individuals looking for a discreet, high-quality device.



Product description:

The Sunglasses spy sun PV-EG20DL from LawMate are presented as the perfect spy accessory, fusing style with functionality. Designed for security professionals and anyone looking to discreetly survey their surroundings, these glasses allow you to record HD video at 720p resolution. The spy camera, cleverly hidden on the right side of the temple, captures images and videos with surprising clarity, while the battery offers a 60-minute autonomy. The videos are stored on an included 8Gb micro SD card, with the possibility of expanding up to 128Gb.

gafas espia 2024

Main features:

  • New ergonomic design with tinted glass for greater discretion.
  • Outstanding image quality with HD 720p resolution.
  • 67º viewing angle for a wide field of vision.
  • Manual recording functionality.
  • Integration of microphone for audio capture.
  • Vibration alert system: On/Off and low battery notification.
  • 60 minutes of autonomy in continuous recording.
  • Easy operation and intuitive handling.


Pros and cons:

The PV-EG20DL Spy Sunglasses stand out for their discreet design and exceptional recording quality, which makes them an ideal instrument for professionals who require clear and defined evidence. Additionally, the LawMate brand is recognized for supplying security professionals with high-quality equipment. However, the autonomy of 60 minutes could be limiting for situations that require long recording periods, and its price could be higher compared to orother lower quality models.


Recommended use:

These spy sunglasses are especially recommended for security professionals, detectives or any individual looking to discreetly document their surroundings, whether it be to record faces, objects or documents. Their modern, discreet design makes them ideal for everyday use, and their easy operation ensures fast recording in unforeseen situations. They are especially useful in judicial processes where clear and defined evidence is required.


Frequently Asked Questions About the 7 Best Spy Cameras of 2024

What are the 7 best spy cameras of 2024?

The 7 best spy cameras of 2024 are:

  • Z82 1080p 256GB car damage spy camera: Perfect for vehicles, it provides high-definition recordings and has a storage capacity of 256GB.
  • Lawmate WiFi IP Full HD 1080p H264 PV-DY10I V2 mini spy camera: Discreet and powerful, it offers recordings in Full HD and WiFi connection.
  • PV-BT10I - Spy camera hidden in Bluetooth speaker: A combination of music and surveillance, perfect for home or office.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Spy Phone 4G 1080p Live Image VPN: A high-end smartphone with spy camera and live streaming features.
  • WiFi 1080p spy alarm clock with IR and motion detection PV-FM20HDWI Lawmate: More than a clock, it is a surveillance tool with motion detection and night vision.
  • Real Power Bank with WiFi spy camera 1080p PV-PB20I Lawmate: Auxiliary battery that also serves as a spy camera with WiFi connection.
  • PV-EG20DL - Spy sunglasses: Modern design glasses with integrated camera, ideal for outdoor recordings.


What makes these cameras on the list of the 7 best spy cameras of 2024?

These cameras stand out for their innovation, superior quality and unique features that make them stand out in the market. Their discreet designs, high-resolution recording capabilities, advanced connectivity, and additional features such as night vision or motion detection make them ideal for a variety of situations and needs.


Are all the 7 best spy cameras of 2024 suitable for professional and personal use?

Yes, all of these cameras are designed for both professional and personal use. Their versatility makes them suitable for private investigators, security professionals, journalists, as well as individuals looking to monitor their home, office, or vehicle. Depending on the model, they perform better in certain scenarios, but all offer the quality and discretion necessary to guarantee clear and effective recordings.



How do the 7 best spy cameras of 2024 compare to previous models?

The 7 best spy cameras of 2024 represent a remarkable evolution compared to the models of previous years. First, they offer higher resolution and image quality, enabling clearer, more detailed shots, even in low light conditions. Additionally, connectivity has improved significantly, with more robust WiFi options and faster transfer speeds. Current models also feature longer-lasting batteries and more discreet, ergonomic designs. Some have even incorporated advanced features like motion detection, enhanced night vision, and expanded storage capacity. In short, the 2024 cameras offer a combination of power, versatility and discretion that previous versions could not match.


Where can I buy the 7 best spy cameras of 2024?

You can buy the 7 best spy cameras of 2024 in specialized security and surveillance stores , as well as in department stores. However, to guarantee that you are buying the original model and not an imitation, we recommend buying directly from recognized online stores or through authorized distributors. It is always advisable to read the opinions of other buyers and verify the return policies before makingan online purchase.


Do you offer guarantees or technical support for the 7 best spy cameras of 2024?

Yes, most of these cameras come with a warranty that varies between 1 and 2 years, depending on the manufacturer and model. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and problems related to the normal operation of the device. In addition, many manufacturers and distributors offer specialized technical support to help users in case of problems or doubts about the operation of the product. It is vital to keep the receipt or proof of purchase to validate the guarantee and contact the technical service. By buying from recognized stores or authorized distributors, you ensure not only the authenticity of the product but also access to this support and guarantee.



How do you guarantee discretion in the 7 best spy cameras of 2024?

Secretion is an essential feature in spy cameras, and the 2024 models are no exception. These cameras are designed with compact sizes and shapes that easily blend in with their surroundings, allowing them to go unnoticed. Some are integrated into everyday objects, such as alarm clocks, sunglasses or Bluetooth speakers, so that no one suspects their true function. Additionally, operations are nearly silent with no obvious indicator lights during recording. This ensures that the camera can operate without attracting attention, ensuring discreet and effective shooting in any situation.


Do the 7 best spy cameras of 2024 come with detailed instructions for use?

Absolutely. All cameras in this selection include a detailed user manual that provides step-by-step instructions for setup and optimal use. The manuals are intuitively designed, with clear illustrations and simple language, so that any user, regardless of experience level, can quickly get the camera up and running. Additionally, many manufacturers offer online tutorials, demo videos, and customer support to address specific concerns or issues, ensuring users get the most out of their spy camera.


Can I use the 7 best spy cameras of 2024 in low light or night conditions?

Yes, the 7 Best Spy Cameras of 2024 are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to record in low light conditions. Many of them feature highly sensitive sensors and optimized lenses that capture clear images even in dimly lit environments. In addition, some models include night vision functionality, using infrared to record in total darkness without being detected. This makes them ideal for a variety of situations, whether you need to monitor a space at night or in places with limited ambient light.