LawMate 3-year warranty for Journalists 【2024】

If you are in journalism, you already know that having reliable, high-quality equipment is crucial for your work. From capturing the news of the moment to making sure your source is protected, every detail counts. At ESPIAMOS, we understand your needs and, therefore, we have prepared an exclusive offer on LawMate products that you will not want to miss.

LawMate for Journalists

The Importance of Equipment in Modern Journalism

We live in times where information flows faster than ever. Journalists face the challenge of reporting instantly, but also accurately and safely. In this context, equipment plays a fundamental role. You can't afford to lose an important recording or expose sensitive data due to unreliable equipment. It is more than an investment; It is a necessity that guarantees the quality of your work and protects your professional integrity.


Why is LawMate the Journalists' Choice?

So what makes LawMate the preferred choice of many journalists? For starters, its robust design and high-tech features make it an ideal choice for meeting the challenges of modern journalism. Whether you need a reliable voice recorder or a camera with high encryption capabilities, LawMate offers solutions that fit the demands of today's journalism job.


Legality and Conventional Guarantees

According to the article 3 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, journalists who use products in the exercise of their profession are outside the definition of "consumer". This means that by law you are only entitled to 6 months warranty. Although this legal framework might seem limiting, at ESPIAMOS we decided to go further.


Conditions of the LawMate Guarantee for Journalists

While our 3-year extended warranty is a great advancement, it is crucial to understand its limitations. The warranty does not cover device batteries, broken screens, water damage or faulty cable connections. Our main focus is on ensuring that manufacturing defects are addressed, so you can continue your research work without worry.


The Exclusive ESPIAMOS Offer on LawMate products for Journalists

3 Years Warranty

For journalists, reliable equipment is more than a necessity; It is the soul of their informative work. Recognizing this, at ESPIAMOS we decided to take a step beyond the norm. We offer you an extended 3-year warranty on the entire range of LawMate products. This guarantee is a seal of quality and our way of telling you that you can trust the equipment you use for your reporting, investigations and coverage.


Failure Procedure

But we don't stop there. We know that in your work every second counts. If your LawMate device shows any fault, we guarantee a repair in less than 10 days. And if for any reason the device needs to be sent for more extensive repairs to the manufacturer, we will provide you with a replacement device at no cost. In this way, we ensure that you will always have at your disposal the tools you need to carry out your journalistic work effectively.


Conclusion: LawMate for Journalists

At ESPIAMOS, our goal goes beyond offering you quality products. We want you to feel supported in your mission to report, investigate and reveal the truth. With our 3-year extended warranty on LawMate products, we offer you not only high-quality equipment, but the peace of mind of knowing that, no matter what happens, you will be covered.

This offer is a unique opportunity to ensurethat the tools of your trade will always be up to the task. Don't miss out on this exclusive benefit designed with the needs and challenges you face as a journalist in mind.

Contact us for more details and to find out how you can take advantage of this unique offer. Ensure your ability to inform, to be the voice of the voiceless, with the support of a team you can trust.



LawMate Promotion for Journalists FAQ

Since when is this promotion available?

The promotion came into effect on September 24, 2024 and will apply to all purchases made from this date.


What are the criteria to take advantage of this offer?

To qualify for this exclusive promotion, you must be a journalist with valid credentials and purchase a LawMate device.


What documents do I need to prove that I am a journalist?

To access this exclusive offer, you will need to present your press card or similar identification that proves your status as a journalist.


If the device does not fall under the warranty conditions, will I receive a replacement device?

Yes, if the device needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, a replacement device will be provided.


Does the extended warranty cover shipping costs?

No, the extended warranty does not include shipping costs. Changes are made in our physical store in Madrid. If you prefer to receive the product at your home, you will be charged a €5 shipping fee.


What happens if my device needs to be sent to the manufacturer and there are no units available in the store?

In the event that your device needs to be sent to the manufacturer and we do not have stock in the store, we will provide you with a temporary device of similar or superior characteristics to ensure that you can continue with your work .


Is this promotion applicable to all LawMate products?

Yes, this promotion applies to the entire range of LawMate products available in our store.


Is the extended warranty transferable if I sell the product?

No, the extended warranty is personal and non-transferable. Only applies to the private detective who originally purchased the product.


Do I need to keep the purchase receipt to access the extended warranty?

Yes, it is essential to present the purchase invoice to benefit from the extended 3-year warranty.


What should I do if I find a manufacturing defect after purchase?

If you detect a manufacturing defect, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to begin the device repair or replacement process.