Inhibitor of frequency What is it and how does it work?

Would you like to purchase a inhibitor often? Because you know you're facing a fine from 500.000€. Inform yourself here before you do it.


How to use an inhibitor of frequency?

An inhibitor of frequency is not difficult to find in the market. But our legislation provides that they can only be used for security reasons, so that a particular level are completely prohibited.

The main purpose of these devices is to prevent the communications, hence its use is allowable only to the Forces and Bodies of Security and the Administrations. Is more, skipping the prohibition may have important consequences. The General Telecommunications Law provides for penalties that can reach up to 20 million euros in the most serious cases.


inhibidor de frecuencias


What happens is that today it is relatively easy to find on the market inhibitors of frequency. Use the friends of foreignness to disable alarms from homes and businesses before entering to steal. But also those that are considered more "legal" are tempted to use them to override the signal of the radar road and are therefore not to be sanctioned if they exceed the speed limits.

You would think that if we do not seek an unlawful purpose we could use them. For example if we want to keep our house which is isolated from external signals, but the current legislation neither allows



How does a inhibitor often?

To understand why these devices are banned it is important to understand how they work.

The goal is to inhibit communication in certain frequencies. In order to achieve this, we introduce noise in the frecuencito want to clog. That information saturates the bandwidth and prevents a communication to be able to develop normally.

Although there are inhibitors of many sizes and types, all work basically the same. It is a circuit that has an oscillator that generates the signal, a noise generator and a gain stage which is in charge of providing power to the signal, as well as one or more antennas that transmit the noise to the frequency block.

What it does is to simulate a DDoS attack and thus override devices as common as mobile phones, GPS, infrared and BlueTooth. Even there are devices able to override the speed radar.


Where to buy an inhibitor of frequency?

The Internet is a great channel of information and also a great market. Unfortunately, it is also possible to find in the Network products and devices, whose sale to the public is not permitted.

This is just what happens with the inhibitors. With a simple Google search you can find different websites that will offer you a device of this type.

As we will see later, the use of these devices is only permitted in very specific cases, and under no circumstances authorize their use by private individuals.

Stores that sell inhibitors know to the perfection the law on the subject, but they play with the fact that the stakeholders do not know much about the legality or illegality of these devices.

Many shops start selling inhibitors for anyone to give them a private use. Claiming that if you use them in your home to prevent the arrival of signals from the outside there is no problem, but this is a lie.


inhibidor de frecuencias




What are legal inhibitors often?

It has been shown that most of the times you will want to use a device of this type is for-not too light or legal, that is why it has regulated their use.

To day of today, our legislation provides that the inhibitor often can only be used by the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State and by the Public Administrations, Authorized and provided for security purposes.

All those uses that are in excess of those noted above are considered illegal and may be subject to penalties. For example, a University that wants to prevent students to use technological devices to copy at the exams, not what you can use.

It is the General Law of Telecommunications, which regulates the sanctions that can be imposed in these cases. If the offence committed is considered serious or very serious, the fine can go from 500,000 euros to 20 million euros.

In the cases that we might consider something less serious the fines are not small. In 2015, impose a fine of 6.200€ to a conductor for carrying an inhibitor and a radar detector in your vehicle.

And this happens not only in Spain, in the rest of the European Union as in the united States the use of inhibitors by individuals is totally prohibited and we have established significant penalties to the case of a breach of the legal prohibition.



How to detect an inhibitor of frequencies?

If there is an inhibitor of signal close to us what we are going to notice quickly. The normal thing is that our phone will be without signal and not be able to or surf the Internet or even make a phone call.

We can also notice it in our car, if when you try to use the central locking of our control does not respond, and this is not a problem with the batteries.

If you notice that your electronic devices do not work well and there is no apparent reason for this, it is possible that you are within the radius of action of an inhibitor of frequency.


Know the law and avoid penalties

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but it is clear that if you know the current legislation makes it much easier to stay within the margins of law.

Now that you know that there is no reason that justifies the use of a inhibitor of frequency, or even in your house, it is much better that you retain to buy one and use it.

Don't trust what you see on the websites they are trying to sell these devices. Do not forget that the use of inhibitors is often completely prohibited. They can only be used for reasons of security Forces and Bodies of Security of the State and Public Administrations are authorized.

In addition, if you still have the temptation of getting to use one, remember that the fines in these cases are really high, because they prevent communications via the internet is something truly serious.


Can you imagine that someone could block the signal of a crane or an ambulance? Write your comments, we are very interested in your opinion.