Camera hidden in a plant WIFI 1080p 64Gb
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Camera hidden in a plant WIFI 1080p 64Gb

Camera hidden in a plant. You'll be able to see the image in real-time. Record by motion detection with a Full HD resolution Ideal for the garden, office or living room.



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Camera hidden in a plant WIFI 1080p 64Gb
Camera hidden in a plant WIFI 1080p 64Gb

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Do you need a spy camera for your garden or living room? Would you like to see and hear everything that happens in your absence?

We offer you the camera hidden in a plant. With this camera you can record videos in true Full HD resolution in a totally discreet way. No one will suspect that this plant decorative conceals a hidden camera the latest in technology. Ideal for covert surveillance.


Why do I need to buy a camera hidden in a plant?

This is a cámara spy custom that you will not find in any other store. It is advisable to install the spy cameras in everyday objects that we have around us so as not to attract attention. If you need to withhold a custom camera in another object, or to change any technical specification as autonomy, capacity, or resolution, give us a call, you might be surprised what we are capable of doing.


Main features of the camera hidden in a plant:

  • Real-time monitoring: you Can see the images in real-time, access to the recorded files and make settings remotely from any Android Smartphone / IOS and from anywhere in the world
  • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080p at 30 FPS
  • Record by motion detection or continuous
  • Function overwriting
  • Storage through micro SD card 64Gb
  • Compression H. 264 which increases the quality
  • Videos and photos
  • Includes microphone spy
  • Autonomy of 4 hours



How does the camera hidden in a plant?

The operation is very simple. You only have to turn on the device, download the application for Android or iPhone, and connect to the WIFI network of the device. Now you'll be able to view the images in real-time point-to-point P2P.


Can I see the image in real time from my phone from anywhere?

Yes, just sync the spy camera to the router from home or a laptop computer according to the manual of instructions in Spanish. . We put the lens oriented towards the area to record, set up to record by motion detection with a high sensitivity and we are going to work.

When the camera hidden in the plant a movement is detected, it will send a message to your phone. You can view the images in real time on your mobile regardless of where you are. The recorded videos will be stored on the mobile phone and/or in the internal memory of the device.



Why buy here your hidden camera?

This product is not what you'll find in any other store. Come to any of our physical stores to try it out. You will be surprised at the amount of spy phone products that we have for you.



The package contains:

  • 1 x Camera hidden in a plant
  • 1 x Instruction Manual in English