Camera Security 4G LTE Hidden Spy 4G LTE 【2024】-
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4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Registration Box

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in Log Box. Equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, this camera records in high definition, detects movements and notifies you in real time. Camouflaged design and high battery life. Perfect choice for long term surveillance.

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4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Registration Box

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Registration Box


4G LTE Security Camera 4G LTE Spy Hidden in a Box: A Revolution in Surveillance

4G LTE Security Camera 4G LTE Spy Hidden in a Box is your ultimate solution for monitoring areas without access to Wi-Fi or electricity. This spy camera not only offers peace of mind, but also flexibility, allowing you to monitor your properties in real time from anywhere thanks to its 4G LTE connection. In addition, its impressively low standby power consumption ensures that it is always ready to capture everything when you need it most.


Key features of the 4G LTE Hidden Spy Security Camera

This wonderful camera offers you HD recording with 92˚ viewing angle, microSD card storage up to 128GB and night vision up to 5 meters. But that's not all, you will also receive notifications on your cell phone when motion is detected and you can fully control it from the UBox app, available for both iOS and Android. In addition, its long battery life ensures up to 365 days of operation without recharging.


Why do you need to buy a 4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Log Box?

In an ever-changing world with emerging threats, security is essential. Whether you want to monitor a commercial space, identify thieves in blind areas or simply have a surveillance solution in areas with only cell phone coverage, this camera is your solution. Because who wouldn't want the peace of mind of knowing they can monitor their property from anywhere at any time?


Optimize security with a hidden 4G camera

Not every corner of your property may have easy access to electricity or Wi-Fi. That's where this camera excels. Its hidden design and ability to transmit via 4G LTE make it perfect for those hard-to-reach places. And with its efficient battery, you won't have to worry about frequent recharging.


Advanced features for hassle-free surveillance

From effective night vision to customizable notifications on your phone, this camera has everything covered. Plus, its support for 4G and 3G networks ensures you're always connected. And if you're worried about storage capacity, its automatic overwrite feature lets you keep the most recent recordings without the manual effort.


Reliability guaranteed with

At espiamos, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products. And to back this up, we are offering three years warranty on the 4G LTE Security Camera Spy Hidden in Log Box. Because your peace of mind and trust is our priority.


Full Technical Features of the Hidden Camera Registration Box:

  • Specialties: PIR sensor, Motion alert, Camouflage in object, Video Audio.
  • Communication methods: SD card recording, Wi-Fi for internet connection, 4G LTE for remote connection: Mobile app.
  • Video quality: Full HD (1920x1080px)
  • Location and operation modes: In the corridor, In the apartment, In the office, In the warehouse
  • Power supply method: From battery (built-in or embedded)
  • Recording method: SD card, Mobile application
  • Application: UBox
  • Maximum memory card capacity: 128GB
  • Camera Angle: 92˚
  • Recording mode: manual / PIR
  • Battery consumption in PIR mode: 1 - 2 mA
  • Battery consumptionduring filming: 250mA
  • Photo option: Yes
  • Audio only recording option: No
  • Battery capacity: 24000 mAh
  • Dimensions: Ø 136 x 38mm