Software Data Encryptor for mobile phones 4G
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Software Data Encryptor for mobile phones 4G

Encrypt Mobile. Encrypt your tablet or Android mobile phone or IOS 4G with the most advanced technology in the market. Impossible to decipher. Endorsed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense



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Software Data Encryptor for mobile phones 4G
Software Data Encryptor for mobile phones 4G

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Main features of the encryption program:

  • 100% reliable. Award of$ 250,000 for those who decipher. There are No winners
  • Compatible with Android / IOS
  • Encryption of a triple layer by using the more advanced algorithms
  • Change the keys in a few seconds. They prevent the rear doors or “black doors”
  • Hash codes are visible to prevent MITM attacks
  • Calls and chats encrypted.
  • Calls in security mode. Press-to-talk “push to talk”1
  • The contacts are stored on a secure server. Not on the phone
  • Works with all networks at the international level (4G, GSM, CDMA, etc) to use servers that are strategically located
  • The phone does not store or record any call



We present the encryption software that is most advanced in the world. So much so that the developers of the system have challenged hackers around the world offering you 250.000$ to anyone who finds a security bug. More than 5000 hackers and companies have tried no one has succeeded. So much so that this encryption software is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.



The insecure communications can put you at risk your business or your privacy. Government agencies, organisations and hackers have the technology needed to intercept voice and data communications. If you are concerned about the security of your communications and those of yours you should take the necessary measures. We offer you the solution preferred by thousands of users from all over the world. The best encryption program for mobile phones and tablets existing on the market


With our system you will be able to encrypt easily the calls, contacts, chats, and the system push-to-talk (PTT “push to talk”).


The encryption software can be installed on mobile phones with operating systems Android or IOS as a Tablet.


This encryption software or data encryptor comes with a 1 year license.



Who needs to buy a data encryptor?

The use of the encriptadores is intended primarily for all those who transmit valuable information from your mobile phone or Tablet, either at personal level or business as for example: politicians, VIP's, journalists, research and famous.



 Do I need two phones to use encryption?

Yes. Both the phone of origin and destination must have the app installed. Each terminal requires a license




Is it 100% reliable?

Absolutely yes. In the event someone intercepts your call with the mobile phone encrypted the only thing you will hear is noise. Any hacker or security company has been able to decipher or detect a security breach in the system


 Do you have an additional cost to the price per minute?

No, there is no additional expense. You just have to have a rate of voice and data in your phones.