Noise generator white SEM-300i
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Generator of white noise audible SEM-300i

The SEM-300i is a noise generator that serves to protect you from the hidden microphones that may be in a particular place. Ideal for ensuring the confidentiality of the conversations in a negotiation.


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Generator of white noise audible SEM-300i
Generator of white noise audible SEM-300i

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This noise generator is very easy to use. You just have to turn it on and put it on the table of negotiation. Only when the two participants start to talk about the SEM-300i will generate a noise which will prevent any recorder or microphone to extract cleanly the log of the conversation. This is because the generator creates noise in the form of a conversation of other people, which is distributed in all the spectrum of the speech range of the human voice; the cleaning of the noise is not possible, if the noise level is insufficient.

The housing of the unit is made of a material very reliable and is extremely durable, guaranteeing a long life for the device. The size of the SEM-300i is comparable to a pack of cigarettes and can even be carried inside one in order not to attract attention, despite being supplied with an attractive leather case.


The SEM-300i will allow you to improve the security of your negotiations and protect you against the devices of listening and recording. You will protect yourself from:

- voice recorders (tape and digital)
- microphones, wireless microphones
- stethoscopes, stethoscopes, laser window
- Transmitters GSM

The SEM-300i is powered by an alkaline battery of 9V and provides a working time up to 8 hours

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