Detector hidden Cameras Professional DVideo
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Detector hidden Cameras Professional DVideo

Characteristics of the Main detector spy cameras

  • Manufactured in Russia with the best technology
  • Detect spy cameras regardless of whether they are on or off.
  • It has 5 working modes
  • Up to 2 hours of autonomy
  • Detection distance: up to 20 meters
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Detector hidden Cameras Professional DVideo
Detector hidden Cameras Professional DVideo

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The detector hidden cameras Dvideo is a portable device that can be carried easily to any part, for example, in the office, office, sauna, hotel, tester, etc., With this device, you'll be sure that nobody will watch. If you use it correctly, it will detect any hidden camera, even the ones that are mounted professionally integrated in everyday objects such as boxes, pens, etc



How do I locate a spy camera?

All hidden camera has a lens. The principle of operation of the device is to detect the reflections reflected by the lenses of hidden cameras. The detector hidden camera emits a powerful luminous flux of red spectrum, and once the flow issued comes into contact with the lens of the camera, it will be reflected in the direction of the lens of the detector of the camera, and you'll see a flash specific that they can hardly mix with any other thing.


Main features of the detector of hidden cameras

  • Search for any camera lens to 5-20 meters away. Detectors common camera operate at a distance of 2-8 meters. The range of detection extended this model comes from the use of the issuers knew of a bright red spectrum (280 Cd) in the design, so that the detection range is extended to 2.5 times in comparison with analogous devices.
  • Service life extended. As you use current limiting resistors, the LED backlight will not be damaged quickly, and the light emitters will be in good condition for many years.
  • 5 modes of operation (adjustable frequency of flashes). During the search, it should be borne in mind that the result of the search largely depends on the ambient light. For this reason, you should be able to adjust the frequency of the intermittency of the flashes so that your eyes detect the light reflected by the lens of the hidden camera effectively. In dark rooms it is recommended to set the minimum frequency of the flashes; in bright rooms, by contrast, uses the maximum. The change between the different modes is done using the ON / OFF button on the back of the device.
  • Subsystem additional search of hidden cameras near-field. There are 4 LED green in the front of the detector camera this software Dvideo. These LED's serve as additional background light and allow to detect hidden cameras that are located very close to most effectively. This function is unique.
  • Indication of battery charging and thermal overload protection. The charge level of the battery is indicated as a quantity of LED lighting in the back of the device. In this way, you'll always know when to recharge the integrated battery. During charging, the battery is protected with integrated circuits that limit the overload to increase the life span of the battery.
  • Manufactured in Russia. This device has been completely developed and manufactured in Russia, using the highest quality components.



How do I use the detector spy cameras Dvideo?

It is very easy to use the device; you don't need any special skills or professional to do this. You only need to turn the device on and inspect the entire room looking through the screen of the lens is built in. The process of detection of hidden cameras with cable and wireless is implemented through the detection of the reflection by the lens of the device. Any reflection will be detected as a spot of light, and all the points of light that are detected by the device are hidden cameras. If you use this device correctly, it will detect all the cameras where they are installed: bags, gifts, clothing, ceilings, flours, walls, or even inside, household appliances, or furniture, etc


Helpful tip: taking into account that the optimal range of detection does not exceed 20 meters, and a hidden camera can be detected only when it is to the eye, it is recommended to inspect all the locations suspected from many different angles and perspectives.



Attention! Don't direct never the light of the device towards the eyes of another person.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
2 hours
92 x 58 x 24 mm
i4 Technology
50 grams
Approximate charging time
8 hours
350 mAh
Rechargeable Battery
Modes of operation
5 modes
Detection distance
up to 20 meters
Detects Hidden Cameras
camera lenses
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