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Detector frequency portable BH-02 Rapid

The detector of frequencies BH-02 Rapid is a portable device digital made in Russia designed to detect devices of wireless transmission that are hidden in the vicinity, such as:

  • Wireless cameras
  • GPS locators
  • Microphones GSM
  • Cameras and microphones WIFI
  • Microphones, wiretaps
  • Wireless microphones
  • Walkie Talkies

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Detector frequency portable BH-02 Rapid
Detector frequency portable BH-02 Rapid

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If you want to buy a detector of frequency of professional use this could be your device. In comparison with other similar models, the frequency detector BH-02 Rapid , has a significant advantage: higher frequency range (30 to 4500 MHz). This allows you to extend the range of listening devices that the device can detect.





Main advantages of the Detector of Frequencies Professional Portable BH-02 Rapid:

  • Frequency range of 30 to 4500 MHz. The frequency detector BH-02 Rapid covers all the frequency range used by devices hidden video surveillance. It has a built-in antenna and an external low frequencies.
  • Filter built-in GSM. In the world of today, the repeaters GSM are ubiquitous, you can see both in the big cities as in the villages. This greatly improves the quality of the GSM communication, but it prevents significantly the detection devices spy. Repeaters GSM are a source of strong radio signals and obstructing the environment with interference. Even a detector of high-quality might not always find equipment spy near the repeaters GSM because they simply don't "see". This has been taken into account during the development of the detector BH-02 Rapid by incorporating a filter GSM in our new model. Reduces to a minimum the interference of the cell towers, which allows to use the detector even very close to them. This development significantly expands the range of applications of the device and increases the quality of detection of the locations.
  • Greater dynamic range (48 dB). The dynamic range is one of the most important characteristics of a detector, along with the sensitivity. The wider the dynamic range, the better it will detect the device signals of very high and very low power, and will avoid exceeding its range of operational scale. This is especially important in conditions of search is difficult when the transmitters strong signals (such as mobile telephones and transmitters of weak signals (almost all types of devices and spies) can exist alongside one another. An error detector with a wide dynamic range would not work out-of-scale due to the presence of a telephone.
  • Improvement of the modern construction. In the process of design and development of this program Professional BH-02, the engineers took into account the observations and comments of the end users by Russian and international.



Main features of the Detector of Frequencies BH-02 Rapid

  • Precise match of the characteristics declared. We guarantee that our device complies with the declared characteristics at a 100%.
  • Basis of elements of high quality. The device is assembled manually from high-quality components of distinguished european companies.
  • Stable operation in the whole frequency range declared. Due to the use of innovative technologies, this software Professional BH-02 Rapid bug detector works in a consistent manner in the whole frequency range declared, without errors.
  • High sensitivity: the device has a very high sensitivity of 50 mV / m. Discover a surveillance apparatus for a radio standard with 5 mW of power from a distance of 5 meters, and discovers a mobile phone signal high power from 50 metres. By way of comparison: the sensitivity of most detectors of target devices, which have flooded the european market rarely exceeds 100 mV / m, which means that their quality of detection is at least two times worse.
  • The base of microprocessor high-speed ensures a detection equally efficient devices spy analog and digital.
  • Automatic adjustment of the background noise of the radio broadcast: allows the device to ignore the background noise (which is present in any installation with electronic equipment), and detects only the error signals of espionage.
  • The operating temperature range extended (from -15 to +40 ° С / 5 to 104 ° F) allows you to use the device in any weather condition.
  • Headphones and switching capacity of warning-latent: enables you to control the environment regardless of the people around you.



Working modes of the Detector Frequency Portable

  • Sweep. In this mode, the device uses light and sound. The closer the device to the signal source, the greater will be the level on the scale. The level of sensitivity of the detector is adjustable.
  • Mode of security. In the security mode, the device switches to low power consumption and adjusts the sensitivity automatically. This mode is used for the operation of a constant background. The device will adjust to the environment of the current radius by itself. If the device discovers an error of espionage in this mode, it will warn you with an indication of sound or light, depending on the configuration.
  • Mode Microphones. Linking acoustics is a situation familiar to all radio listeners: when they call in to the radio station without turning off the receiver, you will hear a whistling sound distinctive. Occurs when a speaker is near the microphone. The union acoustics is used to detect microphones spies analog hidden. The detector generates a signal sound. Having received the sound of the detector, the microphone spy transmits it to the air that is detected by the device, and we heard that distinctive hiss.



Data sheet
i4 Technology
90 g
105 x 58 x 18.5 mm
Working temperature
from -15ºC to 40ºC
50 mV/m
power 0.6 W
2 x AAA
Modes of operation
Mode Sweeping, Mode safety, Mode microphones
Frequency range
30-4500 Mhz
Dynamic range
up to 48 db
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