Who are we in ESPIAMOS.COM? Find out here more about us

If you are here, it's because you want to feel the tranquility of having watched what you love the most. Also, you may want to obtain valuable information that will help you to provide the evidence for the institutions charged with administering justice.

We are to look out, the leading company in Spain in solutions for the security, covert surveillance and counter-espionage.

We understand that increasingly there are situations that undermine the integrity and human dignity, that is why we import for you the most effective solutions in cameras, recorders, spy and GPS locators, so that you have information on hand about what you both care about.

You can't control everything, but if you can reduce the risks to a minimum. That is precisely what we do for you. Help you to that the less situations you will get out of control.

That's why we import the most modern technology, without intermediaries and with the utmost confidentiality. So you will get always the best price - all without anyone finding out that you are protecting assets and vital information for you.



We are exclusive distributors

In our stores you will get articles that do not get in any other way. We supply you with only exclusive brands like LawMate®, i4 technology® and TS Market® and we will ensure you make the catalog more range of innovative products.


 We work by and for the good

We provide products that ensure the obtaining of evidence at the time to be part of a legal judgment. Each camera and sound recorder, it is a golden opportunity for the institutions to deliver justice.

There are cases in which the difference between a favorable result or not, it is just a test truthful of aggression, maltreatment, harassment, etc


 Ethics is a fundamental principle of look out

We do not sell products for illegal purposes or unethical. If you want a phone for spy on your partner or an pinganillo to copy a test, we don't have anything to offer. It's all about the respect and the attachment provided by the legal framework.


We customize solutions spy

It's not always easy to get a way to install your camera or audio recorder. That's why we created the means necessary to facilitate your work. If the environment in which you do requires a special request, we design and optimize for you. No matter what it is, whether a backpack, a special camera for your car, we are happy to serve and innovate for you.


We protect your investment by avoiding the theft of important data

There are situations in which unscrupulous individuals will seek to take ownership of your work and of the ways of managing your successful business. Then you'll need to do against espionage and to create ways to protect that you discussed with your team on board or inventaste for your business.

Use computers that have anti leakage of information is essential so that you can continue to have a profitable business. In our store, we have them all for you.

Come visit us in our stores in Madrid or Alicante and we will help you to solve you problem

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