What spy camera is the best for recording damage in the garages?

Do you suffer damages in your vehicle from your garage?


With this post we want to indicate which are the best spy cameras that can be used to surprise and burn to the/s person/s that cause damage to vehicles parked in garages.




camara espia para el vandalismo en vehículos


We must keep in mind that if we really want to record them as we scratch the car, the camera must be placed on the outside of the vehicle to be able to record both sides of the car. The chambers in the interior of the car would be used as a last resort since we can only “protect” one side and only grabaríamos as the person approaches the car and not as the stripe.



That said, other factors which must be taken into account are:

  1. The lighting of the place
  2. The possibility of electrical connections available


To be in the garage lighting, the place will be low or very low and we have to use cameras that work with a minimum illumination of at least 0.5 lux (if less better) or cameras that have night vision (with led infra-red to able be not visible)


Cámaras con baja iluminación


Some cameras with leds infra red is not visible, long autonomy and do not need to be connected to the electric power network would be the “cameras camouflaged



We may also use cameras that have an internal battery, motion detection activated (to minimize consumption of the battery and the memory), and that can be connected to small portable batteries. Some examples would be:



If we have the possibility of connecting the camera to the electric current, besides using the cameras mentioned above without the auxiliary battery, we can use:

  • PV-AC12 + a mini camera 12V (The PV-AC12 converts any camera without recording in a camera with recording system and motion detection. A kit perfect would be with a mini camera of low light high quality). It is not necessary that both devices are together. You could put the AC12 at the outlet and 50 metres, using an extender cable BNC, mini spy camera focusing towards the car.




If we are lucky enough that the vehicle is in a lighted area within the garage, an excellent camera it would be this:



If the outer cameras are not viable you must put the camera in the interior of the vehicle. In this case, you must know if the lighter socket you will be supplying the current required taking the vehicle off. If so the best options are


See here an example of a camera with 0,03 lux as the BU20LX



If the cigarette lighter socket does not work with the engine off, the best thing would be to install the same kit but with an auxiliary battery of high capacity. We have batteries that provide up to 30 hours in recording mode continuous.


Here you will find the kit more economical with recording system + auxiliary battery + 32 Gb of memory.


Other cameras that can be used for this purpose are those that allow you to configure and adjust the different types of luminosity, resolution, sensitivity of detection of motion or even the hours of recording, as are the cameras:

If all of these options are not valid, please contact us HERE to let us study your case in depth and make a kit to suit you. We have done customizations in fake pictures of light, junction boxes, etc


Note: In this post we do not offer the key chains spies or cameras for car as specific solutions to this problem, since we consider that, despite being more economical, have few benefits and are not very discrete.



Do you need more information?

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