What is the minimum lighting I need in a spy camera?

If you are concerned about the brightness of your spy camera, read on. We'll tell you everything you need to know to choose the spy camera right.

What is a chamber of low brightness?

It is important to differentiate between cameras that require low-light (need some lighting, even if it is short) and those that do not need any lighting since they work with infrared leds (IR).

In the technical features of the different spy cameras can read that “it requires a minimum illumination of 1 lux, 0.5 lux, 0.01 lux, etc,” A spy camera in low light is a camera that needs that much light to record clear. Are commonly used to record at dawn, dusk or restaurants and nightclubs with dim light.

A very good camera to record in these places would be the mini camera button BU19 of LawMate you only need to 0.005 lux

In this example we can see the differences in the quality of the photographs depending on the minimum illumination needed by each mobile phone.

luminosidad cámara espía

Keep in mind that the quality of the camera and of the image, is proportional to the value of the same. The hidden cameras which require minimum illumination is very low have a higher price than the cameras that need more light to work with.

What is a camera vision night ?

The spy cameras with vision night are ideal for shooting in environments where there is no lighting as you can be in garages, basements or exterior of a property.

Around the lens tend to be the infrared leds. The power of the leds to GO will determine the scope of the night vision. It should be noted that the more power the greater the consumption will be and, therefore, the lower the autonomy of the battery.

An example of this would be with the spy camera 32Z. Recording with a HD resolution at 720p and the GO activated its autonomy would be approximately 5 hours. Instead, with the leds turned off would have a range greater than 18 hours.

What is the difference between leds 850nm and 940nm?

In terms of the spy cameras, the main difference is that the leds working at 850nm emitting an invisible light, but the leds remain lit.

In contrast, the leds that work with a wave length of 940nm give off a invisible light and its leds do not light up. Or better said, the human eye will not get to see them illuminated.

For use with a spy camera we must always choose cameras with night vision that work with leds 940nm.

What camera low light is recommended for recording?

It all depends on the place you want to record. If you only need to make recordings of the day, or in lit settings like offices, classrooms or bedrooms (with the light on) we will be out of luck because with very little budget we have a wide range of spy cameras.

In the opposite case, always recommend cameras that need very little lighting to cameras that have IR leds. Autonomy is a key feature when choosing a spy camera.

In case you need cameras with night vision, it would be best to be connected to the mains to avoid problems of consumption, as the hidden camera in table clock FM-20HDWI or that have large batteries such as the surveillance camera autonomous black.

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