The 6 best GPS locators for car of the 2019

Have you ever been stolen your car?Do you want to know where is your company car? In these and many other cases, it may be that you need to make use of a GPS locator. Here I'll show you the best GPS locators for car of this year.

The localization of people or vehicles by GPS has been running for a long time. For example, in some companies with fleet of vehicles are installed to improve the logistics management. In this case you have to inform the employees that the vehicle has installed a locator. But, what happens when you need to hide it to make a follow-up without the person knowing?

To track a route, you need a GPS that can be hidden easily and that has special features. That is why we have analyzed for you the 6 best GPS locators from 2019.


What is a GPS locator?

A GPS locator is a global positioning system to locate objects in any part. These devices work with a network of 25 satellites orbiting around the Earth. We can locate persons, animals, or vehicles with our mobile phone and an application.

What are the 6 best GPS locators of 2019?

Since there are many models on the market, and it can be tedious finding the right one, in we've analyzed the 6 best GPS locators in the year 2019 , and are the following.

GPS locator for car no fees SV06N

The first GPS locator for car which we have reviewed is very simple to install. It has a very high accuracy, thanks to its GPS module of high sensitivity.

Advantages of the gps tracker with no fees

This GPS has a novelty and extremely useful is that it alerts you when there is a cutting power in the event that someone disconnects. You can see its location via the web or by using SMS. Ah! and record the voice at a distance of up to 5 meters!


It is a little heavier than other GPS because its weight of 409 grams.

You are interested in if you work with a taxi or a delivery van, which are vehicles susceptible to theft. You'll be able to locate your work vehicle or to receive a warning if it's stolen.

Gps locator for car without installation

The following list is a gps locator without installation, very easy to use for any people, even without technical knowledge. Just connect to the OBD system of the car and is already. There are other GPS without installing them in vehicles that do not have direct access.


Benefits of the GPS locator OBD

This device has some very useful functions. For example, it has an alarm system that alerts you when you turn on the car, when it exceeds a speed, or when it deviates from a predefined path.

Disadvantages of OBD tracker

You need to install a SIM card to pick up and send the signal positioning. Its size is not very small, although you can install out of sight.

This locator is for you if you want to make a passive tracking, for example, to receive notifications when the vehicle leaves a particular area.

Localizador gps sin instalacion

GPS locator without a SIM card

As we have already seen, the GPS locators are very handy in different cases. Many of our customers already know how to work these computers, but the majority of those who seek a device gps locator for cars do not know that we also sell locators without using SIM card. Yes, this is possible thanks to the locators GPS logger.

Perhaps you wonder ?how can I locate my car for gps without using a SIM card??. Maybe you don't have the need to know the exact position live, or don't want to make use of a SIM card. Not all our clients have the need to locate a vehicle in real-time. Some just want to know what travel has done. It is very practical, for example, when a company has to make reports of kilometers traveled and routes taken by its fleet of vehicles.

The GPS locators without a SIM card have the function of recording the routes and storing the positions in the device. Do not send the position to any server or receiver, but that's saved for, then access to his memory and to download the route, for example, in a computer.

A nice example is this GPS locator without a SIM card, which has many interesting options that we will explain below. Don't miss it!

Advantages of the GPS tracking device without a SIM card

The fact of not using a SIM card does not detract from this GPS locator because it has advanced features available. For example, it is able to memorize up to 275 million points without coverage, which allows you to record very long distances.

Also has bluetooth connection to connect to other devices or indicators. It has a digital input and the other analog, which allows you to add sensors that can record data.

As not, also have motion detection which you can use to turn it on and start recording when the car is put in gear.


The fact you do not need SIM card is an advantage for some people. But others may see it as a drawback because you have to download the data every time from the car itself. Although you can do wireless, some find it tedious. But if this locator is that you need, it sure is not an inconvenience for you.

GPS locator for car with setup FMB920

This GPS locator with battery back-up is very interesting because it has motion detector and it has 2 inputs to add other triggers or drivers.

Advantages of GPS car Teltonika

You can work offline and can be configured remotely or by cable. It has bluetooth, so you can connect it to other devices. As it has an analog input and another digital that can be added to other electronic elements such as a sensor for opening of door or fuel. Imagine the notices different that you can receive with this locator!


Although you can use a SD card for memory, it can only be up to 32GB. That ability for many data paths, but they could have made it with greater capacity.

You are interested in this GPS if you want to receive notices when the vehicle is in different states. For example, it can notify you when someone opens the door or the trunk when filling the tank.

Mini GPS for car and bike

If you want to save money, you need to use the GPS locator cheaper and functional our online store. And, still, it has advantages that make it a solution very useful.

Advantages of gps tracker for car

Its small size is a great advantage, in addition to its excellent relation quality-price. It measures 55 mm long by 32 wide. It is so compact that it can be used both in cars and on bikes.


Does not have as many advanced features as other locators. Serves mainly to locate their exact location at a given time, or in real-time.

You need this GPS especially for motorbikes or for when you don't need to know the location.

Mini GPS locator for car and bike

GPS locator spy on cigarette lighter socket

This reastreador GPS spy cigarette lighter of an automobile is one of our favorites for its ability to be hidden to the naked eye. As you have seen, in our online shop we love devices that can hide such as, for example, the hidden cameras.

Advantages of gps locator spy

Works also as a voice recorder, and monitor. What you can activate with the voice and receive an alarm or warning when there is a vibration in the vehicle.

Disadvantages of the locator spy gps

Your storage is limited only to SD cards up to 32 GB. Does not have internal battery, it only works when it is connected to the lighter socket of 12 volt.

It is ideal for you if you need to activate when it detects voices around you or if you want to record the audio to listen to it after.

Where to install a gps in a car

Up to here we have shown the best GPS locators on the market. There are very small, for motorcycle, with wireless, with motion detection and many more options. Do you have already chosen yours? Very good!, now to respond to the following question: where to install a gps in a car?

What is certain is that the response may vary a lot, but we're going to give you a few tips, regardless of what your case.

If you want to install a gps locator spy car and don't mind others to know, it will be easier to find a site where to put it. One of the most common is the glove box because I usually have enough space and allows you to connect the cables to the battery and to manipulate it easily.

You can also install your GPS under the steering wheel, that is to say, in the area of the fuse box and near the OBD connector. This location is especially good because it is easy to access and normally there is enough space to install the GPS locator. It is ideal for locators without installation, which are connected to the OBD.

There are times that you need to hide a GPS. For example, in companies where the employees are wondering how to know if the car carries a gps locator. For this reason, there are other places more suitable but require dexterity and specific tools.

There are those who are installed behind the dashboard instrumentation of the vehicle. Others prefer the inside of the dash, behind the radio, or in some hollow close to the engine. If you install it near the front do not need to use many cables. But if you prefer to install it in a corner of the trunk or in the rear of the vehicle you will have to "pull" more cable, but it will be more difficult to find.

How to locate a gps in a car

You already have some ideas to hide your GPS locator, but you think now that you're on the other side: how to know if my car has a gps locator?

Perhaps you're curious to know if the car or van company that you use has a pager. Or maybe you want to know if your partner is wary both of you like to install one in your car. There are many circumstances that can lead to ask yourself that question.

Whatever your interest, we can help you find out. If you're wondering how to know if my car carries a gps locator you can start by performing a visual inspection of the vehicle. Look in the holes where the wheels, in the area of the engine, on the underside of the car and in the interior. If you have already contributed and you have not seen anything, but still with the suspect, you can take a look at this post where we told the teams that there are to detect a GPS locator.

Where to buy the best GPS locators of 2019?

Your reading has a prize! If you want to have controlled your vehicle and receive important notices when I do something important, you have everything at your fingertips in our shop.

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Price of GPS locators for the car

How much does a gps to locate my car? Are they expensive?

It is normal that you do these questions. You already know that you need a fishfinder gps for car but you have doubts about the price and if you amortizarás.

In most cases, when presented with the need to install a locator, it pays off handsomely. Think of a company with several vehicles. If they install a locator in each one will be able to find it in case of theft. Or if it is a company distributions, can show the location of the shipment to the person who will receive the package. There are also parents worried about the safety of their children when they lend them the car, and it is another situation in which the investment is worthwhile.

In any case, you can check that our prices are very affordable in GPS locators for car. And, in addition, we have launched deals and discounts once in a while! Follow us and take advantage of them.

How to override the gps locator on a company car

If you have already discovered that your company is using gps locators on their vehicles, it is possible that you don't like the idea. Some feel spied on and controlled without the need. Others believe that it is unnecessary and that it does not prevent theft and other damage.

Regardless of what your case is, if your boss has installed gps locators in vehicles, it is legal but is obliged to communicate it to the employees. Then, can I override the gps locator on a company car?

Yes you can, but you must know that, by doing so, you will have some consequences. The methods you need are public knowledge. There are who venture to manipulate the own locator, but it is not very recommended because the company will know that it has been tampered with. Others are inhibitors of GPS signal or portable burner. And there are some methods so ingenious as to cover the locator with aluminum foil to create the “Faraday effect” and to prevent the locator to pick up the signal from the satellites.

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