How much memory Capacity do I need?

Do you want to buy a spy camera and do not know which memory to choose?

There are many queries that we receive on how much memory you need a spy camera. With this post we will help you to solve them!

What parameters need to know to choose the correct memory?

When choosing a spy camera we must look very closely on 3 technical features: resolution, frames per second (FPS) and autonomy

Resolution of a spy camera

resolución cámara espía

It is the first point we have to take into account. The better the resolution of the spy camera more weight will have the files. In the following table you can see how many approximate minutes are recorded on a 1 Gb of memory with different resolutions:

3840 x 2160 4K / ULTRA HD 1Gb 3 min
2018 x 1080 2K 1Gb 7 min
1920 x 1080 FULL HD 1Gb 15 min
1280 x 720 HD 1Gb 20 min
720 x 480 D1 1Gb 30 min
640 x 480 VGA 1Gb 40 min

Number of FPS of the hidden camera

Most of the hidden cameras recorded at 30 or 25 FPS. This is usually enough because you get a movement fluid and constant.

The latest spy cameras allow you to record at 60FPS. You must keep in mind that to double frame rate, the file will occupy the double space. In this table you can see an example of the minutes that grabarías with 1 Gb to a Full HD resolution depending on what FPS

FPS / Ability 7,5 FPS 15 FPS 30 FPS 60 FPS
1 Gb 60 min 30 min 15 min 7,5 min

Autonomy of the spy camera

The more autonomy you have the spy camera more will be the memory we will need. That is to say, if we were to use a hidden camera with a lot of autonomy and little memory, not only will we be wasting the potential of the device but also we may generate corrupt files damaging of the files recorded.

Autonomy and memory should be compensated

Practical examples

Example 1: The spy watch bracelet WK-38

This spy watch record in Full HD, at 30 FPS and has a range of 75 minutes without IR leds activated. For example, if you put a memory of 4 Gb we would get just 60 minutes of storage capacity (1 Gb = 15 min / 4 Gb = 60 min) , so that desaprovecharíamos 15 minutes of autonomy.

The memory that we recommend for any spy camera is the one that triple, at least, the ability of the autonomy of the battery. In this way, we could recharge several times the battery without need to extract the recordings. For this particular case and , in general, for all the watches spy recommend at least 32Gb of memory that would be equivalent to 8 hours of storage.

Example 2: The pen spy with built-in microphone

The memory of spy camera in pen with built-in microphone is of 8 Gb and has a range of 70-minute recording with a VGA resolution and at 30FPS. This device would not need more memory capacity. With 8Gb could store about 320 minutes, that is, 4.5 times higher than the autonomy of the battery. We could recharge the battery up to 4 times without the need to extract the files stored.

How can I put any type of memory?

No. The spy cameras need memories that are formatted in FAT32. This format comes by default from factory on all micro SD cards of up to 32Gb. The problem is in the reports above, which, by default, come pre-formatted in NTFS.

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Do you already know which spy camera to buy?

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