All forms of Payment, store of espionage to look out




We stock the greatest variety of forms of payment so that You can buy with total confidence and safety. The forms of payment that we accept are:


  • Cash: to Pay for the goods at the time of receiving it
  • PayPal: The preferred way for millions of internet users
  • Prepayment: Make your deposit directly on our bank account.
  • Debit / credit cards: we Accept most cards. Buy with security through the payment gateway of BBVA
  • Funded: deferred Payment up to 12 months. Only available online



Description of forms of payment:


Cash on delivery:

Valid only for Spain and Portugal. Shipping cash on delivery you will pay your order at the time of delivery. This form of payment has an additional cost of 4% commission (minimum 4€ - max 50€) that is charged by the transport company by the management. This form of payment is only available for Spain and it is necessary to provide a contact phone number. If you choose this method, you is obliged to the acceptance and payment of the same. The messaging services do not provide service of cash on lockboxes





Using the income, bank transfers or deposits in cash of the full amount directly in our bank accounts. The data bank of HISPA IMPORTS DELUXE SL are:




Bank: Banco Santander BSCH

Account no: IBAN ES03 0049 4974 1824 1607 9524


Bank: BBVA

Account no: IBAN ES73 0182 6197 0502 0154 9266


In the modality of prepayment must make express mention “in concept” of the number of your order. Orders with payment method "prepaid" unless they are paid in the account of HISPA IMPORTS DELUXE SL 7 days after the confirmation of the order will be cancelled automatically after a lapse of said period.



Credit card – Debit card

Once you have confirmed the details of your order and the amounts corresponding to the products and the quantities of each of the products, by clicking on the credit card payment option, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of BBVA, in which you introduce the card details and will charge the amount. The data entered in this step will not be saved in any case in the database of HISPA IMPORTS DELUXE SL



Deferred payment up to 12 months

You can finance your purchase and pay for it in convenient instalments, between 2 and 12 fees. This payment method is available online and will require a credit card. The company HISPA IMPORTS DELUXE does not fund.