Tester CCTV cameras
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Checker spy cameras for CCTV

The tester CCTV cameras is an indispensable tool to be able to see the correct placement and installation of cameras. It is ideal for the DVR wireless, CCTV cameras, wireless cameras and cameras car.

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Checker spy cameras for CCTV
Checker spy cameras for CCTV

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TFT LCD screen 2.5”
Brightness and contrast adjustable
Internal battery rechargeable
Ideal for testing and monitoring CCTV cameras
System video input: PAL/NTSC
Easy menejo
Wrist support included

Technical Characteristics
1.Screen size: 2.5”
2.Pixel:480 x 234
3.Power supply:12DC
5. Working temperature:0℃-50℃
6.Storage temperature:-30℃-80℃
7.Weight: 100g approx.
8. Size:85*64*209mm



The package contains:
1 x Checker cameras
1 x rechargeable battery
1 x AC/DC charger
1 x wrist support
1 x connection cable for cameras BNC
1 x manual of instructions