Camera detector this software Dvideo
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Camera detector this software Dvideo Nano

Main features of the detector spy cameras

  • Russian technology at the best price
  • Detect spy cameras regardless of whether they are on or off.
  • The detector spy camera smallest of the family, single 70 x 52 x 21 mm
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy
  • Detection distance: up to 18 meters

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Camera detector this software Dvideo Nano
Camera detector this software Dvideo Nano

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We present the detector spy camera world's smallest: it's small, handy, reliable!


Dvideo Nano: it is a portable device manufacturing Russian-designed to detect spy cameras regardless of whether they are on or off. The device can detect not only the cameras with cable, but also the spy cameras wireless that use a transmitter capable of sending information to a distance of up to 100 meters.



How does the nano detector hidden cameras?

The principle of operation is based on the effect of the torch on the reverse. The device emits light and receives emission reflected. As the brightness of the reflected beam of the spy camera is much higher, it is very easy to determine its location.


The basic rule is to locate hidden cameras is that the search must be performed in a place where the people would probably be able to place a spy camera.


The most likely places for the installation of the camera are those from where you can easily observe the work spaces, places of rest (chairs, sofas, etc) and the doors. The camera can be installed in a hollow space of a suspended ceiling, in the corners of the local, in the register of ventilation, the items of furniture (wardrobe, chair, etc), comfort items, or audio and video equipment, etc, you have to consider that there may be multiple cameras. The detection of one or two video cameras will not allow you to consider that the room is completely open. To be completely safe, it is necessary to verify all the places from where you can make a recording.


However, you must remember the optimal working distance must not exceed 18 meters. It is recommended to watch the places most suspicious, from different angles.

Data sheet
Autonomy Of Approximately
10 hours
0 x 52 x 21 mm
i4 Technology
50 grams
Approximate charging time
3 hours
250 mAh
Li-polymer 3.7 v
Rechargeable Battery
Detection distance
up to 18 metres
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