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Who is Digiscan Labs?

Digiscan Labs. is a company that manufactures products for security and counter-espionage. Digiscan Labs. products allow you to perform electronic sweeps and detect all kinds of hidden devices used for the purpose of obtaining information without authorization.

Focused on protecting your privacy

Thanks to this equipment you can improve security in your office, company, home or any other place where you suspect a hidden camera, voice recorder, GPS locator, GSM microphone, etc. is installed. Digiscan Labs. detectors are ideal for locating hidden microphones, GSM frequencies, GPS, 4G, WIFI, LTE, 3G, Bluetooth, WI MAX among others, also offer white noise generators that protect you from hidden recorders and are used in all types of business negotiations.

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Null of tape recorders and microphones spies

€1,076.90 -€76.95
Tax included
- €826.41 Tax excl.
The SEM-2300 is a generator of white noise designed to protect against the listening-devices that cannot be discovered by common methods such as stethoscopes, electronics, contact mics, surveillance of laser and microwave that use the reflection of the windows, microphones in walls or other buildings and any microphone that works with the system of vibration